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      What is SEO?

      ​Search engine optimization simply helps website or web-pages to be found by search engines for words related to what the website or web page is offering. It is to be done smarty to get best possible hits to the website through search engines.

      It involves developing and optimizing a website so that it ranks higher in the search engine.
      Understanding of search algorithm and optimizing your content as per that.​
      How Search Engine works?

      Crawling: Search engine software crawl all the web pages linked to a website.

      Indexing: After fetching all the pages through crawling, these pages are indexed in the database for future retrieval.

      Now what happens is interesting, let's take an example of Google.

      When you make a search on Google "what is SEO" Google compare your search string in its database. The database keeps many results that may match to your search string. But based on search engine rank, the best match appears first followed by the rest on the search result page.

      Search engine updates their algorithm regularly. You will have to keep a watch on it to bring your website or web page up in the search result.

      How to improve Search Engine Rank?

      Do on-page and off-page SEO.
      Both can be done for free or you can pay and get it done.

      PART 1: Off-Page SEO

      >link building
      >Using right keywords
      >Managing crawls

      PART2: On-Page SEO

      It involves working on your website by putting relevant content, decreasing page load time, give appropriate HTML tags.
      >Content marketing

      The first part is much simpler and process oriented the other part is a gradual process.

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          Aashish H published a blog post Best Places To Visit and Travel in Nepal
          Best Places To Visit and Travel in Nepal
          Places to visit in Nepal encompasses Phewa Lake, Pashupatinath Temple, Sagarmatha National Park, Langtang National Park, Visit Swayambhunath Stupa, Devi’s Fall and many more tourist sights that any traveler would like to watch. With some of the most...
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            neerajan published a blog post Affiliate Marketing
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              • Abdulaziz Sobh
                Shotcut is a free and open source multiplatform video editing application for FreeBSD, Linux, OS X and Windows. Started in 2011 by Dan Dennedy, Shotcut was developed in the multimedia MLT framework, in development since 2004 by the same...
                • Abdulaziz Sobh
                  WhatsApp is currently one of the most popular messengers on the mobile platform. Mobile applications for different operating systems allow groups of chats, share locations and send photos and videos among others. With the introduction of WhatsApp...
                  • Abdulaziz Sobh
                    The latest version of the Intel graphics driver is compatible with Intel's newest Core 8th Generation processors, featuring Intel® UHD Graphics, with the ability to immerse it in state-of-the-art 4K UHD entertainment from your laptop for up to 10...
                    • Abdulaziz Sobh
                      Kindle for PC is a practical and easy-to-use application that you can use to read Kindle books on your computer, without the need for a Kindle device. In order to use it, you need to have a registered Amazon account, since the application asks you...
                      • Abdulaziz Sobh
                        Auslogics Registry Cleaner is a simple, yet powerful registry cleaner for Windows. It comes with some useful tools and features such as an automatic registry backup function, and a 1-click cleaning button as well. The interface is well designed and...
                        • Abdulaziz Sobh
                          VirtualBox is a complete general purpose virtualizer for hardware. Directed to the server, to the desktop, and to integrated use, it is now the only professional-quality virtualization solution that is also open source software. VirtualBox is a...
                          • Abdulaziz Sobh
                            Wireless Network Watcher is a small utility that scans your wireless network and displays the list of all computers and devices that are currently connected to your network. For every computer or device that is connected to your network, the...
                            • Abdulaziz Sobh
                              Revo Uninstaller - innovative free uninstall utility. Uninstall, delete, remove programs and solve uninstallation problems. Revo Uninstaller helps you uninstall and remove unwanted programs installed on your computer, even if you have problems...
                              • Abdulaziz Sobh
                                AnyDesk is a comprehensive software solution that was developed to provide you with an alternative means of remote access to a computer, allowing you to work with multiple files and documents from a distance.Simple and intuitive looks.The utility...
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                                  Motley created the group Steel Roofing - Regaining Popularity
                                  Not all leaky roofs demand a new roof and also the huge investment until this requires. But you desire to make certain that if the roof is leaking you don't ignore it. Sure it only leaks if this rains and maybe then only when it rains very hard but...
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                                    When it comes to remodeling your home, either perform the work yourself, or bring in help else to perform the work for electrical contractors association,, you personally. Because of the countless problem reports that...
                                    • Abdulaziz Sobh
                                      EasyBCD is a program developed by NeoSmart Technologies to configure and modify the Start Configuration Data (BCD), a startup database that was first introduced in Windows Vista and was used in all later versions of Windows. EasyBCD can be used to...
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                                        Namecheap The best and cheapest hosting sites and domains with the best possibilities and suitable for all the work and activities on the Internet with all the tools and facilities and facilities that you can find online and this is all you...
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                                          Abdulaziz Sobh published a blog post Powerpoint Icons
                                          Insert icons in Microsoft Office Easily insert icons and Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) files into your Microsoft Office documents, workbooks, emails, and presentations. Once they're in place, rotate, color, and resize them with no loss of image...
                                          • Abdulaziz Sobh
                                            Free Download Best collection of icons of computer high quality for all In computer science, an icon is a pictogram or ideogram that is displayed on a computer screen to help the user navigate a computer system. The icon itself is a readily...

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