Improve SEO Ranking : 5 Effective Tips in 2020

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    Improve SEO Ranking : 5 Effective Tips in 2020

    Your search engine results page ranking is one of the most significant aspects of your online business. Explore these helpful tips to improve your SEO strategy. Are you seeking a method to improve SEO Ranking? SEO is important to your business’s success, thus you must have a coherent strategy in place. 

    When you appear at the top of the search results for your selected keywords, you’ll generate more sales, traffic, leads and engagement. If your aim is to appear on first page of Google, we are going to show you how to get started. The tips we are going to discuss are easy to implement and can yield massive results for your small business. 

    Tips to keep in mind to Improve SEO Ranking to rank higher

    Look at some of the tips provided below by leading SEO Company in Maryland to improve SEO rankings in Google 2020

    1. Create a Mobile-Friendly Atmosphere

    Mobile devices for example smartphones and tablets currently make up over  52% of users on the web. This means you should have a mobile friendly website if you wish to engage those people.

    Though, it takes more than a responsive design. Everything from a site’s layout to its images will affect a mobile-friendly atmosphere.

    Not all formats and technologies are compatible with smartphones. Which is one of the causes why Flash is being abandoned by Adobe.

    It’s all about speed and efficiency currently.

    Can a user read the text without zooming? Is the navigation bar user-friendly on a 700-pixel-wide display? Do you use touchable buttons and links that are simple?

    These are all valid queries when building your website.

    2. Keep the Site Quick

    In today’s Internet-driven world, it’s very significant that your site remains fast and efficient. In fact, nearly 42% of clients expect a website to load within two seconds . And most will never come back if it will take much time.

    Human users are not the only ones affected by a slow loading website. Google will rank sites below if they lack performance. This means a slow website will appear lower in search results.

    Points to improve speed to boost SEO rankings

    • Use caching platforms to decrease resource use on your site.
    • Optimize image like smaller sizes and lazy loading.
    • Minimize JavaScript usage as much as feasible.

    3. Work on obtaining Quality Backlinks

    Quality backlinks play a very important role for Google. Each time a relevant site links back to your content, it notifies the search engine that your content is valuable.

    However, not entire backlinks will do. In some cases, links from poorly performing websites can actually hinder your possibilities of being in Google’s top 10.

    Create outstanding content people wish to link to or reach out to other website owners and request link exchanges. You could also create backlinks by guest blogging on a relevant website to your own.

    My point is you can’t ignore how backlinks will boost SEO in Google.



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