Rainbow Mountain Trek


Rainbow Mountain Cusco This Mountain’s amazing colorations are due to the mineral content of the soil and to the effect of erosion on the sedimentary rocks of the hillsides. This is why it is called the magical 7 Color Mountain. Nowadays every traveler wants to experience this alternative adventure by climbing up the most colorful mountain in the world. Today it has become one of the newest and most fantastic tourist attractions in Peru and in all of South America.

Rainbow Mountain

Every day thousands of people from all over the world come here to experience the excellent combination of these magical rainbow colors and the majestic beauty of the high Andean glacier-covered mountains of the Ausangate Mountain

Vinicunca Peru - Rainbow Mountain

The most recent edition of National Geographic Magazine has named this incredibly picturesque scenic attraction as one of the 100 places that you should be sure to visit before you die. Therefore, if you are planning to Travel to Peru, you should include visiting Rainbow Mountain Cusco.

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