What is PRINCE2 Agile, and whom can it help?

PRINCE2 Agile s a complete Agile project management solution that combines flexibility with responsibility for Agile governance. True PRINCE2. There are many benefits to doing this certification. This certification allows you the focus both on the delivery side as well as the management side by establishing the Agile approach. It helps the certified professional to stay consistent with the deadlines with a collaborative built approach that is corporate-friendly and increases stakeholder's confidence. As they know, but change requests are quite common in project management and PRINCE2, there are many tools in PRINCE2 that helps a professional to manage and react to change requirements.

This article is dedicated to all the professionals who are looking for a comprehensive certification. That will validate their stands as a project manager globally.

All you need to know about PRINCE2 Agile certification.

For your information, PRINCE2 2 Agile certifications are an extension of the PRINCE2 certificate. To be eligible for PRINCE2 Agile certification, a professional has to complete his practitioner level in PRINCE2 certification. The PRINCE2 Agile consists of foundation as well as practitioner level.

The PRINCE2 publication is a process-based method for effective project management that contains seven principles, seven themes, and seven processes in the progression of activities by defining roles and responsibilities, managing by stages, and managed by exceptions. It creates a tailored environment where Key importance is given to principles by linking with the themes and practical applications of the methods. For your knowledge, there are more than 1 million certified professionals across 150 countries who are working as a certified PRINCE2 professional in the IT industry.

The PRINCE2 two Agile publication by AXELOS Is prevalent since May 2015. this hybrid method combines PRINCE2 two with Agile thinking. It focuses on the project lifecycle management process is in PRINCE2 2 like SU, IP, DP, CS, MP, SB&CP. A PRINCE2 two Agile practitioner or a foundation certified professional have the clarity of concepts that covers the following:

  • lean startup
  • Kanban
  • Agile approach implementation
  • Sprint planning and scrum management
  • time, cost, quality, risks, scope, and benefits Hexagon.

The foundation level course is three days long, where you learn about iterative development, velocity, burndown charts, workshops, users to these functional and non-functional requirements, tailoring, and scaling.

This certification gives clarity about the 12 Agile principles, and within a short period, it makes the candidate a suitable project management leader. You learn about product delivery that covers scrum sprint & team plan. He also knows about the stages of project management and planning the project direction by inculcating the corporate strategies for the program plan.

The prerequisites

to be eligible for the foundation level, an aspirant must hold only one of the below certifications:

  • PRINCE2 foundation
  • PMP
  • Certified associate in project management or CAPM
  • IPMA Level A
  • IPMA Level B, C&D

For the PRINCE2 Agile practitioner level, an applicant must hold a Prince too Agile foundation certification.

The examination

foundation certification is an object of testing of one-hour time where an applicant gets 50 questions in MCQ format. This closed book exam as a passing mark of 55%. 

For the formal training program, an applicant has to register under an ATO or accredited training organization recognized by AXELOS. The foundation certification exam is based on WWWH or what, where, when, and how to approach project management. As an applicant, you are expected to memorize and implement although Agile methodologies, tools, and techniques in your job profile.

The target audience

it can be a project manager, team leader, business analyst, or any professional who has adopted PRINCE2 principles for better services and reactivity and once to further work in the Agile environment. And make use of the complete application, research and development, IT and construction and design aspects of Agile methodologies.

The target audience for this advanced-level certification is mainly intermediate-level managers for expert-level managers in project management. That is the reason that AXELOS is starting with the qualification criteria for this certification. Although this certification is suitable for anyone who delivers a project but large or small in context to Agile environment. this certification scheme is designed within the purview of the Agile project management environment, and hence any project manager, implementation manager, or any professional who is a part of a wider project team can learn from the valuable training of this certification.


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