Unique Debate Essay Topics To Choose From

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    A debate is a process to present your arguments and support your viewpoint to write my essay for me. It is a wonderful way to teach a number of skills to students. Debate plays a major role in academic institutes, public meetings, and government assemblies. Through a debate, you can easily present your views with solid proofs and arguments. The debate contests are held in schools and colleges, but certain rules need to be followed.

    It is a kind of formal discussion on a specific topic or subject. Through debate, the student can improve their speaking and thinking skills.

    Every debate has some basic elements that made your argument strong. A good debate contains:    

    • The logical consistency of the argument
    • Support argument with strong evidence
    •  Factual accuracy
    •  Emotional appeal

    Types of Debates

    The debate has four types, and each type has a specific purpose. Each debate is conducted differently depending on the situation and place. The types of debates are: 


    • Rebuttal debate
    • Lincoln – Douglas Debate
    •  Oregon – Oxford Debate
    •  One-Rebuttal Debate

    How to Select a Good Debate Topic

    A good debate with a good topic grabs the audience’s attraction. The first thing that hears the audience is the debate topic mentioned by a free essay writer. Choose the debate topic carefully and make sure that your topic is interesting and engaging. A good debate topic is that it helps the audience to understand both sides of issues. The following factors keep in mind when selecting a debate topic.


    When selecting a topic for debate, always choose a topic you are interested in and easily speak about it. Choose a topic that makes your preparation part easy, and you can easily gather information.   

    Argument Potential

    If you choose an interesting topic, but you do not have a lot of information, it makes your preparation task hard. Make sure that your topic has solid argument potential and you can easily gather information to support your point. Do not insult the opposition, be diplomatic in every situation.  

    Sharing your Views

    Choose a topic that you are comfortable sharing your own views. Choose a topic that is relevant, and you can easily say something. Finding the right topic for the debate is important because if your audience gets bored, you may lose the chances of winning.   

    Don’t Forget the Time

    Time is the main thing in debate. All students have given the time, so pick the topic that you have to cover on time.

    Good Debate Topics

    A good topic is key to a good debate, and it is essential for memorable debates. Before deciding a topic for debate, do your search properly. If a student does not have enough time to choose a topic for debate. Don’t worry.  Let’s look at a list of good debate topics and choose from them for your debate. Choose a topic that has strong argument potential through online essay writing.  

    Debate Topics for College Students

    • Technology and unemployment
    • Celebrities as role models
    • Homework is unnecessary in the learning process
    • The gluten-free diet benefits
    • Cheating during exams
    • Drugs should be legalized
    • Homework should be banned in schools
    • Animals should have the same rights as humans
    • Best search engines
    • What makes students hate school?
    • The media networks should be punished for posting fake facts.
    • Violent games should be banned for teenagers.
    • A mentor is necessary for every student.
    • Social networking and the restrictions
    • The reasons for increased violence in schools
    • The minimum legal age for making a tattoo should be 21 years.

    Debate Topics for High School

    • Do social media contribute to teenage suicide?
    • Global warming and its impacts on humanity
    • Dating in high school
    • Reasons for expelling a student
    • Are violent video games appropriate entertainment for teenagers?
    • Cell Phone use in school
    • Students should take Parenting classes
    • Should schools block YouTube?
    • There can be no joke that doesn’t harm anyone in the world.
    • Should poetry units be removed from the curriculum?
    • Should students be able to leave school grounds for lunch?  
    • Television is a bad influence.
    • The internet has done more harm than good.
    • War toys are good for children.
    • Co-education schools are better for education.
    • Bullying in schools must be stopped
    • Nuclear weapons should be banned across the globe

    Debate Topics for Middle School

    • Pros and cons of using social media
    • Sports stars are paid too much money
    • Television makes people lazy and violent
    •  Recycling should be required
    • Does giving homework meet its purpose?
    • Can computers replace teachers?
    • Should there be WIFI in the classrooms?
    • History is an important subject in school
    • Fast food should not be served in schools
    • Every home should have a robot.
    • Performance-enhancing drugs should be allowed in sports.
    • The moon should be colonized.
    • Should political topics be discussed in school?
    • Students should not be graded on their handwriting.
    • Macs are better than PCs.
    • Androids are better than iPhones.
    • Makeup is harmful to the skin.

    Debate Topics for Kids

    • Cats are better than dogs.
    • Are aliens real?
    • Is it okay to eat animals?
    • Video games are bad for children.
    • Is it okay to punish kids?
    • Can children get a tattoo?
    • Bottled water is harmful
    • Social media and students
    • Junk food eating is not good
    • Are vampires real?
    • Education is the key to future success

    Funny Debate Topics  

    • What was the best meme of the last year?
    • The best pizza topping
    • Best Star Wars character
    • Cycling is better than skiing
    • Are bad words bad?
    • Can all cars become electric?
    • The music you hate the most.
    • Should humans eat to live or live to eat?
    • Men gossip more than women.
    • Would you like to live forever?
    • Does playing video games actually increase IQ levels?

    Choose a topic from the given list for your debate competition and get professional help from an essay writing service by an essay writer.   

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