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Job of a detective is very intellectual. They must have to give an accurate result without any mistake.  He/she cannot directly jump into all cases to investigate and in this case, one needs a professional detective. Hiring a detective is totally legal in India therefore it is important to choose a proper detective agency to resolve the mystery. Given below are some of the major reasons for which private investigators are hired:

  • Spouse infidelity
  • Matrimonial cases
  • Child custody in charges
  • Employment background check
  • Identifying missing person

Mostly people hire private detectives for matrimonial. Bharat detective agency is one of the best matrimonial detective agency in Delhi. They give the most accurate result as they have a professional and skilled team with experience.

Services provided under Matrimonial cases.

Check the cases which are resolved under matrimonial cases:

  1. Pre matrimonial cases
  2. Post matrimonial cases
  3. Spouse background check
  4. Extramarital affairs
  5. Divorce cases

How does the Bharat Agency work?

They are always there to help and take you out of the problems and complications. They have a team that knows all the laws and all kinds of information you need for your case. Most importantly they work in legal manner and handle the cases of matrimonial. They have all the required certificates in case anyone wants to check or have any doubt they can visit the website for more information.

Pre-Matrimonial Verification

If in case you need a complete verification service Bharat agency have the best pre matrimonial detective agency in Delhi. They do a complete background check and provide you the correct and detailed report on any individual before two people are wedded. Sometimes it is very difficult to reveal all their characteristics in simple conversations but the agency can provide a report including the family background. They also find out about the financial status, educations, jobs, habits and previous relationships or any other information you wanted to know.

Post matrimonial verification

They also provide the best post-matrimonial detective agency in Delhi for the investigation of either partner if their actions are of suspicion after marriage. They find out who is unfaithful to the other or who is cheating.The detectives are experienced in providing proof such as photographs, eyewitnesses, tape recordings, and other documents for all kinds of clarity. Hiring detectives can help you to find out where your partner goes, with whom they sit, what they do

phone call recording, social media interaction, and many more without even letting that person know. All the details provided by the team will be confidential and legal.

Divorce cases        

Due to many reasons, many people decided to get a divorce as their marriage is not working anymore. Bharat agency also provides the Divorce cases investigation agency to get a divorce in a legal way with all documents and proofs. If one partner has doubt on others they help to solve this problem. So that they can take an informed decision.

One can also visit the website for more information and get clarity regarding the services and team. It is one of the certified agencies for private detectives.

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