Glacier Adventure in Iceland: A experience for a lifetime

If you are visiting Iceland, you must expect to see some ice. And why not when 11% of the country’s land area is covered with ice-filled glaciers.


And if you are lucky enough, you will get to explore a variety of Iceland’s glaciers. By the way, the glaciers in the largest in Europe. So if you are planning thisjourney, it is better to start with the capital city, Reykjavik. 


First, explore the ice at the mesmerizing Rekjavik’s Perlan Museum 


When you arrive at Reykjavik, the new Glaciers and Ice Cave Exhibition at the Perlan Museum is the perfect place to start. A perfect place to walk through the city’s first and only ice cave. It is a comprehensive replica of the inside of a glacier, happily, a perfect place to click some cool selfies among the blue ice walls. A place infested with a lot of fun and games, plus, you will get to see some dangerous volcanoes hidden beneath the ice caps. On a whole, it is full of different experiences. 


After finishing this experience, warm up with a coffee at the cafe and visit Perlan’s 360. 


It is time to take a walk in the glacier 


If you are already mesmerized by the ice caves of the Perlan Museum, the next step is to explore glaciers. Especially, Iceland’s second-largest glacier. This is an 800-meter (half-mile) long ice tunnel that is artificial (man-made), build by specialized engineers and geophysicists after long research & planning of 5 years. Throughout the year, guided excursions are available with departure points at Husafell in West Iceland or from Reykjavik. 


Experience blue ice on a caving tour 


If you want to walk inside a naturally made ice tunnel. Every winter, glacial rivers retract, and the water freezes. This glacier is more mesmerizing than natural ice caves in different locations in Iceland. 


Another place for ice cave tours is Skaftefell, and it is an indispensable part of the vast Vatnajokull National Park in south-eastern Iceland that’s named for Europe’s largest glacier.


Experience walking on a Glacier 


Imagine walking on a glacier that is a thousand years old and still changing in shape. It is infested with crevasses, sinkholes, and ice ridges. It is a feast for beginners, and it only requires an average fitness level. The guided glacier is open all the year and takes place either on Solheimajokull, part of Myrdaljokull, or Svinafellsjokull, part of Vatnajokull, in South Iceland. 


After this amazing tour, you can take a ride via super-jeep and snowmobile. It will be a next-level experience than a glacier walkthrough.   


Other than that, you can have Iceland super jeep tour and also sail among icebergs at the glacier lagoon. It will be a boat trip sailing through the glaciers,and you can have the closest look at the white ice. And if you are fortunate enough, you can see some seals swimming around your boat. 


So if you are looking for an experience as a whole, Glacier Adventure in Iceland is the one you must opt for.


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