US girl used bitcoin to maneuver money to monotheism State, police say

    Abdulaziz Sobh


    US girl used bitcoin to maneuver money to monotheism State, police say

    A New House of York girl has been suspecting of wash bitcoin and alternative cryptocurrencies and wiring the cash to assist the questionable monotheism State.
    Zoobia Shahnaz, 27, was charged with bank fraud, conspiracy to commit concealment and concealment and is being controlled while not bail.
    Ms. Shahnaz was born in the Asian nation and worked as a science laboratory technician within the U.S.
    Prosecutors say she took out dishonorable loans of $85,000 (£63,000) so as to shop for the bitcoin online.
    Bitcoin is an internet currency. Despite not being medium of exchange, the worth of bitcoin has rocketed this year.
    It has been exploited by criminals to launder cash. British authorities are pushing to extend regulation of the currency.
    According to court records, Ms. Shahnaz, UN agency lives in Brentwood on Long Island, was a science laboratory technician at a Manhattan hospital till Gregorian calendar month.
    Prosecutors same that Ms. Shahnaz obtained an Asian nation passport in July and set-aside a flight to Pakistan with a stay in a city, aspiring to travel Asian nation.
    She was inactive at John F Kennedy airfield carrying $9,500 in money, just below the limit of $10,000 that someone will wrongfully take away from the country while not declaring the funds.
    Searches of her electronic devices showed varied searches for monotheism State-related material.
    Ms. Shahnaz faces up to twenty years in jail on every of the cash wash charges and up to thirty years for the bank fraud charge.
    Her lawyer, Steve Zissou, same she was causation cash overseas to assist Syrian refugees.
    "What she saw created her dedicated to alteration the suffering of lots of the Syrian refugees and everything she will is for that purpose," Mr. Zissou same outside the courthouse.


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