Sneak peek: All-new nark Silverado pickup

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    Sneak peek: All-new nark Silverado pickup

    It may be stated change outside, however, the truck wars are becoming the hot dog.

    Chevrolet free a sneak peek of its all-new 2019 Silverado pickup on a weekday, earlier than its public debut at the city automobile show in a Gregorian calendar month. The Silverado is Chevy’s initial all-new product since Ford rocked the truck world at the 2014 show with its aluminum-skin F-150.

    The F-150 galvanized speculation that nark and its different chief city rival, Ram, would conjointly head to lighter, dearer metallic element to fulfill more-stringent fuel economy rules. however the primary inspect the Silverado suggests otherwise.

    Behind the Chevy’s daring bow-tied face is reportedly a brand new chassis and skin made from mixed metals. as an example, nark teases that a higher-grade alloy is “used within the roll-formed, high-strength-steel bed floor, conducive to a bed that's a lot of purposeful and lighter weight.”

    Although it reportedly can supply a good lighter carbon-fiber bed as Associate in Nursing possibility in higher trim-levels, Chevrolet’s call to stay with a steel bed reinforces its hard-hitting, 2016 ad blitz against Ford that showed a born toolkit puncturing the F-150’s metallic element bed. nark conjointly guarantees a lot of weight-savings with the new-generation truck when Ford’s metallic element body smooth-shaven up to 700 pounds. Ford’s diet arranges brought the F-150 a lot of in line with the comparatively light-weight steel nark.

    Ram, the opposite city 3 players within the light-duty pickup wars with twenty-one p.c of the market, can reportedly follow steel once it conjointly introduces a remade truck at the city show.

    Chevy’s sneak peak came at TX Motor Speedway wherever nark truck customers - and special guest vale Earnhardt, Jr. - were gathered to celebrate the 100th-anniversary of nark Trucks.

    “Today we have a tendency to shocked nearly one,000 Truck Legends house owners with a sneak peek of the next-gen Silverado,” aforementioned nark Truck selling chief Sandor Piszar. “Its the right ending to our Centennial - and excellent kick-off for ensuring a hundred years of nark Trucks.”

    The 3 footage of the Silverado blows their own horns the LT Trailboss trim, one in every of eight 2019 Silverado models. The Trailboss trim includes the cross-country performance package found on the Z71 trim with a two-inch suspension elevate.

    While maintaining the Silverado’s ancient, ginormous “sandwich” grille anchored by the dark tie, the headlights are narrower. The body, too, is a lot of carven than before – replacement the three-dimensional fenders and rocker-panels with curvier, grooved stampings.

    The mirrors are currently mounted on the doors rather than the A-pillar – probably for higher driver visibility.

    The rear bed maintains Silverado’s signature vertical taillights and its corner bumper-step for simple bed access. The tailgate gets a contemporary look with “Chevrolet” sealed across it.

    Chevy secure a lot of engine/transmission mixtures while not more details, however, expect Associate in the Nursing distended lineup of powertrains to match Ford’s array of V-6, V-8, and diesel power plants.

    Ford and General Motors dominate the U.S. truck market. The F-150 sold-out over 600,000 units in 2016 (and over 800,000 for all F-series trucks as well as Super Duty versions). The Silverado sold-out over 570,000 light-duty pickups in 2016 – and nearly 800,000 once combined with its relative, GMC Sierra.

    The trucks are key profit-drivers for each firm as they pour capital into a brand new era of electrical and autonomous cars.

    Tune in for a lot of serious truck artillery because the truck wars go into Cobo Hall next month.



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