What Happens to Your Website’s Ranking when you Stop Doing SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the crucial and indispensable part of digital marketing, and that’s why SEO needs to be carefully planned, executed and maintained for a longer period in order to generate a significant return. 

SEO Services are so important because of the very nature of Google’s demand. As per Google, “websites play by a certain set of rules” for climbing to the front page of search results.

However, many websites that implement proper SEO and with their hard work they reach on page one of SERPs generally make the common mistake. They assume that their online presence has now become fully optimized and it will remain same indefinitely. 

But, the truth is something different as SEO is a constantly ongoing process which needs to be monitored as well as to be maintained in order to generate a return.

When you stop your SEO process both your rankings and traffic will begin to decline. Please have a look in the following image…

However, you website will lose its ranking slightly slow as we all know SEO takes time to gradually set on first page that means it also takes time for to be reversed. 

Therefore, your ranking will drop relative to your competitors specifically to the ones who are continuing their SEO with the help of best SEO Company. There is an old saying that:


Here you can understand it by imagining that you are a sports person and has been trained every day for running in a marathon. With the regular practice you are better and better every day, you are even better than your competitors in some time.

Imagine suddenly you stopped training or stopped practicing, you will be still good but not for a longer time.  With every day you will become weaker without continuing your training. 

The same happens with SEO. As in the above example, if you stop your SEO activities (just like your daily training), your SEO efforts (which are done up to now) will become weaker day by day.

As soon as your competitors will push your website down in search results and when you stop SEO process then your ranking is going to fall much faster than it was originally climbed. 

This happens because you have now stopped implementing the SEO tactics that were informing the search engines that your site is still relevant.

Since this is generally a slow decline, therefore you may not notice any significant drops in your website rankings or traffic for a few months after you have stopped SEO process

That basically means that the SEO work which your SEO Agency did so far is still having an effect, but this is short lived and it will soon lose its effect.

What’s the Reason:-

When you stop refreshing your website with some new contents and stop reaching out through link building strategies then search engines will begin to forget about your website. 

This will lead to a drop in your organic traffic and it may even leave your website at the lower ranking it was then when you originally started SEO process.

Another reason behind a decline in your search engine ranking is the fact that search engine algorithms are getting smarter every day. 

That means that algorithmic updates can make your optimization work done so far and that you’ve relied on obsolete resulting in the decline of your website’s authority as well as search engine ranking.

Is it too late to start SEO again?

No, it’s never too late to start you SEO yet again. Even if you’ve stopped SEO process for a longer period as well as has been experienced a massive drop in your search rankings then also it’s never too late for you to start SEO again.

 When you will restart doing SEO with an SEO Company in Delhi then you will notice that your website will quickly regain the position it once had and it is now prepared for continued growth in the future.



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