All Thing About Saudi Council Registration of Engineers


How To Register in Saudi Council of Engineers 

Every expatriate engineer and technician working in Saudi Arabia must register with the Saudi Arabian Engineering Council for Iqama renovation. In this article, we have explained the registration process with the Saudi Engineering Council (SCE) for technicians with and without a diploma certificate.

SCE registration requirements

Here are the requirements to register with the Saudi Arabian Council of Engineers.

  1. Photography.
  2. Scanned copy of Iqama.
  3. Scanned copy of the passport.
  4. Authorization letter from the Saudi Arabian Council of Engineers.
  5. Cover letter duly accredited by the chamber of commerce.
  6. Title or diploma duly certified by the Embassy of Saudi Arabia.
  7. Academic record or grade sheet.

The SCE fee

Registration fee: SR 500.
Membership fee: SR 200 / year for technicians and SR 250 / year for engineers.
Total rate: SR 700 for technicians and SR 750 for engineers.

SCE Registration for a Technician

  1. open this Link and enter details such as your email, nationality, mobile phone number, and the membership classification, that is, engineer or technician.
    Login to your email account and activate your SCE account. After activation, log in to your SCE account.
  2. Enter The Following Details to Your Saudi Engineering Council account:
    *Iqama Number.
    *Passport Number.
    *Iqama Expiry Date.
    *Iqama Profession.

Updated Jawazat

Once you have paid the SR 500 fee for the Saudi Arabian Engineering Council registration for technicians, the SCE will start to verify your documents. They may ask you to send some additional documents or a clear copy of the same file.
Once SCE completes the verification process, you will receive an SMS from the Saudi Arabian Council of Engineers to pay the membership fee.
Once paid, your account status will change to Yaqeen Verified and Jawazat Updated.

Iqama Renovation

You can renew your Iqama when your SCE membership is valid, even if it is valid for the next 2 days. Otherwise, you can start the Saudi Arabia Council of Engineers membership renewal process.

Print SCE certificate

After successfully registering as an engineer or technician, you can visit any of the Saudi Engineering Council offices to collect your SCE certificate and membership card.

Deactivate / Delete SCE account

If you do not have access to the email address used to create the SCE account, you will need to ask the Saudi Arabian Council of Engineers to deactivate or delete the account.
Ask your employer to write you a letter requesting SCE to delete/deactivate the account.
Get the letter certified by the chamber of commerce.
Go to the appointment with the SCE and send the letter.
SCE will deactivate the account.
After 10.15 days, you can re-register with the Saudi Arabian Council of Engineers with the new email.