Sarah Lazow and her role in Marada Production

    Elina White

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    When it comes to Marada production, Ms. Sarah Lazow is ranked at the top of the list. Her name is something that almost all Americans are familiar with. In the entertainment and American film industry, she has worked extremely hard to create an identity. Her journey has never been an easier one. She isn't someone who is born with a silver spoon. Her hard work and sheer dedication are a means through which she has achieved heights in her career. Besides, due to Sarah Lazow, Marada Production is touching the heights of success. With Marada Production Company's help, Lazow is famous for producing the American Comedy "The Weekend." 


    On account of her enormous and commendable achievements, she is highly respected within her friend circle. Sarah's free-spirited nature is a quintessential factor as she never takes no as a response. Besides, in the American film industry, she is popular for her exemplary contributions. Not the person to take no for an answer, Sarah has always believed in her skills and talent - she had the creative knack since her childhood days. She also believes in being a risk-taker and the power of experimentation because it can lead to innovativeness and creativity. With Marada Pictures, Sarah decided to step into a man's shoes because film financing and production, especially in Hollywood, had limited options for women to date. Women like Sarah are showing the way, leading from the front proving to be an encouragement for other women to follow in their footsteps. 


    Sarah Lazow is revered for her much-acclaimed film, "The Weekend." This movie has been directed and documented by the movie director Stella Meghie. Played by an acidic comedian known as Sasheer Zamata, this movie is the most-talked-about one. The movie revolves around a weekend where the protagonist decides to stay with her mother, accompanied by her ex-boyfriend. Apart from the movies, Lazow's name is popular in the web series and TV industry. A well-written movie along with a well-essayed role, this movie's story was featured in 2018 at the Toronto Film Festival. Her identity doesn't remain confined to movies, as she is renowned for producing the web series known as the "V –Wars." This series that starred Ian Somerhalder was featured on Netflix Original from December 2019-March 2020. While film financing and production were known as a male's task, Sarah is a force to reckon with as she is renowned for supporting women. 

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