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Inca Trail Peru

Created with those on a strict time frame in mind, our 2-day Inca Trail includes everything that’s wonderful about the 4-day trek into a couple of days. Along the way, you’ll get to visit fascinating archaeological sites, including the astounding Wiñay Wayna. You’ll learn all about the ancient culture of the Incas and connect with nature and Mother Earth in the most stunning landscapes.
You can enjoy relaxing in the middle of the rolling hills and enjoy your packed lunch. Take a walk up to the Sun Gate, from where those on the 4-day Inca Trail will enter Machu Picchu. From here, you get your first spectacular views over the breathtaking Machu Picchu. It’s a dreamy landscape without a doubt, so make sure you soak it up before you leave until tomorrow.

Inca Trail

Your comfort is a top priority to us, which is why you spend the night in a lovely hotel in Aguas Calientes before waking up for the big day. Enjoy a rewarding dinner after your day of trekking and get a good night’s sleep.
On day 2, it’ll be time to visit no other than the New Seven Wonder of the World, Machu Picchu. Feel your heart race as your first step inside this incredible place and look across the terraces and stone buildings, all constructed on a mountainside. You’ll enjoy a 2-hour guided tour to learn all about the importance of the fortress and then have time to explore yourself. Make the most of your time here before you head down for lunch and the journey back to Cusco. This trip of a lifetime is a must and doable when you don’t have long in Cusco.

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