Presentable Liberty Game (Overview, Download Free)


Presentable Liberty is a free indie first-person horror game that takes place in a small area. The map is so small that it is not much larger than a medium-sized closet. The game is also very short, only lasting an hour or two, and has no character. However, it challenges players to think, not only about the high score, but also about their perception of life, death, happiness, and pain.

Game Story

Presentable Liberty draws attention to the effect that big monopolies have on everyone's satisfaction. In the game, you wake up in a cell. It seems that no one is around, and the only contact you have with the outside world is a series of letters that are placed under the door.

The cards come from various characters, including Salvador, Charlotte, Dr. Money, and Mr. smiley. Each letter gives you a backstory of what happened. They also keep you informed about what happens outside of jail. Furthermore, these cards will also invoke various emotions that will somehow cast doubt on your existence.

The bottom line of the game is that you will develop a bond with three of the characters, one of whom will sadly die. These events will only increase his helplessness, as he can do nothing but wait for another letter to arrive.


Pictures From Inside The Game



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