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Monopoly Game Players can play anytime, anywhere. This game was produced and published by a famous company called "Marmalade Game", this is a company that specialized in games of the Puzzle genre. Some notable games created by this manufacturer are "Sudoku Multiplayer", "The Game of Life" and many others. When players come to this game, the player will experience the same feeling that they had experienced before as a child. This game is very valuable for players to come and experience, trust me, players will not be disappointed.

Roll the dice, buy, sell, build and plan your way to become a wealthy owner in MONOPOLY! It's the classic Hasbro family and board game loved by over a billion people in cities and countries around the world. The classic board game you know and love are available on mobile devices and tablets and can be played both online and offline!
Experience the classic board game in a whole new way. MONOPOLY by Marmalade Game Studio on Android brings the board to life with a beautiful animated 3D city board designed with hotels and houses.

Popular Features

  • ORIGINAL BOARD GAME - Play the Hasbro classic alone or with family and friends on a mobile device or tablet!- A PREMIUM EXPERIENCE - No pay to win, no pop-up ads, no risk, and fully approval by Hasbro.
  • HOUSE RULES: play by the most common house rules.
  • QUICK MODE: Finish the Hasbro board game faster than ever.
  • SINGLE PLAYER - Play against our challenging AI. No need for friends or family.
  • OFFLINE MULTIPLAYER - Play together and pass the phone between turns.
  • ONLINE MULTIPLAYER - Play MONOPOLY online with people from all over the world from different cities or countries. Or create private multiplayer games to play with your friends and family without any risk.
Are you ready to experience the thrill of bankrupting your family and friends in MONOPOLY? Roll the dice, take risks, walk the board and BUY real estate, COLLECT rents and BUILD hotels to become a homeowner tycoon. It's the popular Hasbro family board game on your mobile.
Don't get bored and challenge up to FOUR PLAYERS on a mobile device in multiplayer!
Play a game of MONOPOLY anytime, anywhere, away from home or at home, offline and online! Play alone or with friends in multiplayer mode. Try this multiplayer with up to four players on one device. Or invite family and friends to play online multiplayer. When you're ready to roll the dice, you can host a private multiplayer lobby or share public games with friends online from different cities.
Don't worry about the risk of a game taking too long. Use quick mode to complete it in an hour or less. You will spend less time in jail, build hotels sooner, become a successful homeowner faster, and end the game after the first player is bankrupt; the richest player wins and becomes the MONOPOLY King.
Our MONOPOLY game includes POPULAR and well-known HOUSE RULES
Do you get M400 instead of M200 when you land directly on GO in your regular games? Create a custom game with your family's favorite house rules and become the MONOPOLY king of your family.
Our classic MONOPOLY game is FAMILY and risk-free for children.
We have made sure that our game is safe for children, without any risk, and easy to play for the whole family online or offline in multiplayer mode. Like the original Hasbro board game, everyone can buy, sell, collect, build and play! Since the game is ad-free, you will not run the risk of encountering inappropriate advertisements. And with the private online multiplayer mode, you don't have to share a game with strangers and you can simply play with your friends.
Our game includes the most localized boards that any MONOPOLY digital board game has ever offered. Play with a board of selected countries and unlock the "Explorer Pack" to discover different cities and their real estate! Roll the dice, take a chance, BUY or SELL real estate, PICK UP, rent, and BUILD hotels as an owner in cities and countries around the world.
Let's jump into the MONOPOLY Universe!



How to install Monopoly APK For Android Device

Tap Below Direct Download Link, Wait until the APK file download completed...

Step 1: First, get permission to install applications on your Android device from outside Google Play. Therefore you have to change your phone’s security settings as follows...

Go to “Settings” –> “Security” or “Lock Screen & Security” and turn the toggle ON in front of the “Unknown Sources”)

Step 2: Download Monopoly APK latest version onto your Android device.

Step 3: Go to the location where your file downloaded and tap to install

Step 5: That’s it, now you have successfully install Monopoly Android app on your Smartphone. Just open the application and enjoy your life with the world of movies.


Tech Specification

Platforms Android
Supported Operating System Android 5.0+ or Higher Required
License Free
Version 3.2
Language English