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    XPloring SEO

    SEO the CRUCIAL BluePrint Algorithm of Google, WHERE Google lies, or the technology which Google is using our WEBSITE for RANKING, each and every time Google is UPDATING their algorithm for rankings.

    The SECRET technology which Google is using for ranking relay on the CONTENT SEO IMAGE MATADESCRIPTION USING GRAMMAR properly, the best part is the content should be easy to understand and contain information to the society.


    Google has the power of ranking a website according to the requirement of SEO. In the section of SEO, Google has mentioned, how your blog post or your website rank first, but doesn't disclose the actual information. 

    But I understand ONE POINT, If you keep on POSTING YOUR CONTENT on regularly and without any Plagiarism, definitely your WEBSITE OR BLOG POST will rank, you have to build your audience on social media and keep on sharing your content each and every time. The more the audience you build, the more your chances of ranking high.

    This is my experience in SEO, WHICH I want to share with you. That's all. Thank You.



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