StuffIt Expander For MacOS


Stuffit Expander is a free decompression utility that may still be useful for some users, especially, for example, when trying to decompress older Stuffit files (.sit or .sitz).

Many users will do just fine with Mac OS's built-in archive utility, which handles .zip files and a wide variety of .tar and tarball files, but older, boutique utilities like Stuffit Expander can help when handling more formats. unusual. like .rar files and esoteric suffixes like .kgb, .7z and .arc. Stuffit Expander allows you to decompress files with a quick drag and drop, or via the file menu, and the application handles more than 30 file formats.

If you often need to unzip unusual and/or legacy files, Stuffit Expander can be a good addition to your toolbox. If you are looking for compression capabilities or more advanced decompression options, check out Stuffit and Stuffit Deluxe.

StuffIt Expander easily expands and decodes all the files you download from the web or receive in your email. StuffIt Expander can expand to more than 30 formats, including StuffIt, RAR, 7zip, split and segmented archives.

Are you getting "Operation not allowed" errors when you try to open a Zip file? Try StuffIt instead. StuffIt can open those password-protected Zip files.

Other Features:

Automatically expand archives added to your designated "Watch Folder"
- Automatically scan expanded content with your AV app.
- Automate Expander with AppleScript
The full list of supported files:
- StuffIt X archives (.sitx)
- Legacy StuffIt 5 and older StuffIt archives (.sit)
- Legacy StuffIt 5 and older Mac Self-Extracting archives (.sea)
- Zip archives - including encrypted and Zip64 archives (.zip)
- Windows Self-Extracting archives - created with StuffIt for Windows or Windows Zip utilities (.exe)
- RAR archives - including encrypted archives (.rar)
- 7-Zip archives (.7z)
- TAR archives or UNIX Tape Archives (.tar)
- Compressed TAR archives or tarballs
- Gzip Compressed TAR (.tar.gz, .tgz, .taz)
- Bzip Compressed TAR (, .tbz)
- Bzip2 Compressed TAR (.tar.bz2, .tbz2)
- UNIX Compressed TAR(.tar.Z, .tz)
- LZMA Compressed TAR(.tar.lzma, .tlzma)
- Compact Pro archives - including self-extracting archives (.cpt, .sea)
- Windows CAB Files (.cab)
- Lha archives (.lha, .lzh)
- Arj archives (.arj)
- Arc archives (.arc)
- Comic Book Archives
- CBZ (.cbz)
- CBR (.cbr)
- CBT (.cbt)
- CB7 (.cb7)
- StuffIt X segments (.part01.sitx, .part02.sitx, etc.)
- StuffIt 5 and older segments (.sit.1, .sit.2, etc.)
- Zip segments (.z01, .z02, etc.)
- RAR segments (.r01, .r02, etc.)
- Split Archives - used by some Zip, Rar and 7-Zip implementations (.001, .002, etc.)
- StuffIt SpaceSaver compressed files(n/a)
- gzip compressed files (.gzip, .gz)
- bzip compressed files (.bzip, .bz)
- bzip2 compressed files (.bzip2, .bz2)
- UNIX compressed files (.z, .Z)
- lzma compressed files (.lzma)
- AppleSingle encoded files (n/a)
- Binhex encoded files (.hqx)
- MacBinary encoded files (.bin)
- UUencode encoded files (.uu, .uue)
- Base64/MIME encoded files (.b64, .mme, .mime)
- yEncode encoded files (.yenc, .ync)
- BtoAText encoded files (.b2a, .btoa)
- Binhex encoded StuffIt X archives (.sitx.hqx)
- Binhex encoded StuffIt archives (.sit.hqx)
- Binhex encoded Self-Extracting archives (.sea.hqx)
- MacBinary encoded StuffIt X archives (.sitx.bin)
- MacBinary Encoded StuffIt archives (.sit.bin)
- MacBinary encoded Self-Extracting archives (.sea.bin)
- UUencode encoded Zip archives (.zip.uu, .zip.uue)
- PrivateFile encrypted files .pf)