Eamon Charles Lowe: How to Save Money on Property Taxes?

Homeownership is one of the biggest accomplishments of an individual's life. The feeling the person gets when he holds the keys of the house in his hands cannot be explained in words. These feelings of joy persist as long as one doesn't have to pay any taxes. An average Australian household pays $1300 per annum, which is the non-exciting aspect of property purchase.

If you are looking for tips to save tax money on property taxes, well-established real estate agent Eamon Charles Lowe has come up with some tips for you:


Exemptions are one way to reduce property taxes. Most of the tax authorities offer an exemption that allows them to deduct a certain amount out of the house's assessed value. Individuals including seniors, veterans, and blind citizens are eligible for such exemptions. Determine your exemption category with the assistance of Eamon Charles Lowe.

Modifying Assessments

In certain cases, the assessment performed by tax attorneys on your house might be inaccurate. If you think that the assessed value of the house is higher than the houses in your area, get it re-evaluated again. In case there is an issue with the tax assessment, your property taxes will reduce.


Allow mortgage lenders to pay property taxes on your behalf, which must be made on time. Certain lenders take responsibility, especially when they forgot to make a payment.

In Conclusion, Implement these tips to save money on property taxes. Eamon Charles Lowe can assist you in matters related to property taxes.