Best Curly Hair Extensions Tutorial: Perfect For Beginners

    Pamela Foester

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    This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to apply curly human hair extensions. You can do it yourself at home and save a ton of money. I've included the tools you'll need, the products you'll need, and even some hints along the way.

    1. Things you need to wear curly hair extensions

    It’s not hard to find tutorials on the internet for how to wear Curly Hair Extensions, but it can be difficult to find honest tutorials that walk you through how to do them properly. Here is a list of tools you might need to complete this tutorial:

    • Liquid eyelash glue

    • A pair of pliers

    • A pair of tweezers

    • Scissors

    • Zip-ties

    • Scissors per inch

    • Small bowl

    • Small flathead screwdriver

    • Medium bowl

    • Large flathead screwdriver

    • Tapestry needle

    • Bottle of glue

    • Toy knife matches

    • Small pair of tweezers

    • Hair elastic (half dozen to a roll works well)

    • Hair glue stash

    • Scissors

    2. How to Apply for the Hair Extensions

    Step One: Buy Your Supplies

    If you’re going to do the demonstration yourself, I highly recommend buying the following supplies before you start. Liquid eyelash glue is cheap, holds up to 1,000 applications and lasts forever.

    A small container of liquid eyelash glue is probably all you need. You’ll have to experiment before you find the right mix, but 1:4 is a good rule of thumb.

    A large container of liquid eyelash glue may work better. You’ll probably want to experiment a bit before you find the right consistency and consistency that works best in your home.

    You’ll also need scissors and hobby pliers to cut the elastic to fit the back of your hair. It should already be cut to fit. If it’s not, cut the elastic to fit and peel back the excess before applying. Fortunately, I usually cut a roll of elastic I had on hand to about 1/4 inch. It’s worth the extra time.

    Step Two: Apply and Clean The Products

    When you’ve purchased the product and have it home, make sure you use washable gloves when applying them.

    3. Step By Step Instructions For Adding Curly Hair Extensions

    This is a step by step guide to adding curly hair extensions. If you’re going to use a hair extension specialist, this will help you know what to expect. If you’re going to do it yourself, this will help you know what you’re getting into.

    First, you have to get your cuticles and any other hair that’s poking out. Cut your hair into a bun of the desired length and apply essential oil or coconut oil.

    At least an inch of hair is needed to achieve this look, but you can always cut your hair down to your desired outline to save time later. I’ve seen people take an inch of their hair and just leave it hanging! That will take away from your beauty product usage.

    If you want to experiment with extending your cuticles, you can gloss your hair with corn starch to give it a shiny sheen. You can also put some Vaseline or mineral oil all over your hair to give it an oil coating. Just get some oil or Vaseline and spread it across your hair. Next, apply your desired product. I like the Kinky Curly Topiary Touch Oil. It creates a blowout effect, but you can use a gentler oil if you don’t like the blowout look. If you like a shiny effect, you can add a layer of oil to your curls or cover your hair with a pixie top.

    4. Tips For Styling Curly Hair Extensions

    You have a lot of options when it comes to styling your curly hair. You can wear your hair curly, straighten it, or get it chemically relaxed. If you choose to wear your curly hair naturally, you have a few things to keep in mind.

    1. Determine what type of extensions you’ll need If you have curly hair, to begin with, choose natural extensions. This will take up very little space in your hair and can be done very quickly with minimal downtime, so it’s a great option if you’re looking for fast results. If you’re worn out or want to create a professional look, choose curly wigs or extensions.

    2. Henna is an incredible hair treatment to use Since henna is such a natural hair substitute and you don't even need to put any oil on your hair, this is one easy way to detangle curly hair. Simply add henna around your hair, ensuring there are no knots. Once it’s thoroughly mixed, you can throw it in your hair!

    3. Shimmery hair products are a cheap option for detangling curly hair Dramatic hair colours, including platinum, blues, purples, and golds, give off their shine, which can lead to frizz. Try to avoid these colours if you want a natural result. Instead, use products with a matte finish that will be less likely to create any fizz or shine.

    4. Keep your hair out of your face, and it should never touch your face DAMAGE prevention is on the top of everyone’s list…but getting your hair moisture in it every chance you get can prevent hair breakage! Your face only needs about 50–75% of your hair for optimal detangling.