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The Metamorphosis (German: Die Verwandlung) is an allegorical novel written by Franz Kafka that was first published in 1915. One of Kafka's best-known works, Metamorphosis, tells the story of the salesman Gregor Samsa, who wakes up one morning to find himself inexplicably transformed into a huge insect (ungeheures Ungeziefer, literally "monstrous vermin") and subsequently struggles to adapt to this new condition. The novel has been widely discussed among literary critics and different interpretations are offered. In popular culture and novel adaptations, the insect is commonly depicted as a cockroach.

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Translation: Metamorphosis at Wikisource
Language: German
Original title: Die Verwandlung


When Gregor Samsa woke up one morning from uncomfortable dreams, he found himself transformed in his bed into a gigantic insect. He was lying on his hardback, as if armored, and when he raised his head a little he could see his brown dome-like belly divided into rigid arched segments on which the bedspread could barely stay in position and was about to fall. to slide completely. His numerous legs, which were pitifully thin compared to the rest of his body, flailed helplessly before his eyes.


With his surprising, strange, but surprisingly funny first opening, Kafka begins his masterpiece, The Metamorphosis. It is the story of a young man who, transformed overnight into a giant beetle-like insect, becomes an object of disgrace to his family, a stranger in his own home, and an essentially alienated man. A harrowing, if absurdly comic, a meditation on human feelings of inadequacy, guilt, and isolation, The Metamorphosis has taken its place as one of the most widely read and influential works of fiction of the 20th century. As W.H. Auden wrote: "Kafka is important to us because his situation is the modern man's situation.

Often cited as one of the most influential works of short fiction of the 20th century, Metamorphosis is widely studied in colleges and universities throughout the Western world. The Nobel Peace Prize winner Elias Canetti described it as "one of the few great and perfect works of the poetic imagination written ...

About The Author

Franz Kafka (1883-1924) is one of the most influential fiction writers of the early 20th century; a novelist and writer of short stories whose works, only after his death, came to be regarded as one of the major achievements of 20th-century literature. He was born to middle-class German-speaking Jewish parents in Prague, Bohemia, now part of the Czech Republic, in what was then the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The house in which he was born, on the Old Town Square next to Prague's Church of St Nicholas, today contains a permanent exhibition devoted to the author. Kafka's work-the novels The Trial (1925), The Castle (1926), and Amerika (1927), as well as short stories including The Metamorphosis (1915) and In the Penal Colony (1914)-is now collectively considered to be among the most original bodies of work in modern Western literature. Much of his work, unfinished at the time of his death, was published posthumously.

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