Grow Taller Exercises Through Stretching – Some Important Tips

    How to grow taller

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    Stretching is one of the best grow taller exercises around. This is because stretching causes the body to produce human growth hormones called EIGs (exercise induced growth hormones). EIGs result from catecholamines, acid-base balance, nitric oxide, and lactate. Nitric oxide and lactate especially increase height. Human growth hormones harden cartilage, strengthen bones and make you grow taller.

    Grow taller exercises must be performed with very high intensity to cause production of lactate for increase of height. Lactate will stimulate production of human growth hormones during and after exercise in rest periods, thus making you grow taller faster. Stretching exercises must be performed for at least 10 minutes with high intensity to grow taller.

    The Trunk twist targets the spine and the abdomen, giving them first-rate workouts. To perform the Trunk twist lie on the floor with your feet anchored to a heavy object capable of bearing your weight. Lock your hands behind your head, and raising yourself to a comfortable height twist your body to either side. Perform the twists 5 times for 30 seconds each time.

    The roll over stretch aims at stretching the back. Lie on your back on the floor with hands on the sides. Using your upper body raise your feet and make it touch the ground behind you. Then lower your shoulders on to the ground to give your back the maximum stretch possible.

    The wall bridge exercise increases flexibility of the back. To perform it, stand with your back against the wall at a distance of 2 feet from it. Raise your hands up in the air and push them back until they touch the wall. Walk down the wall with your hands. Once the limit has been reached walk up the wall with your hands. Push off at the top to get back to standing position.Article shared and translated by