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Leading daycare/preschool center
Northern Virginia Magazine is here to help parents make informed choices about daycare providers with so many working and happy adults in their care. Our team surveyed nearly 650 state-licensed childcare centers in the Northern Virginia area about staff, educational options, and facility features. Best Child Daycare near Me, A center on the Top Nursery/Preschool list is one whose staff and amenities exceed the state licensing requirements and the average center in Northern Virginia.

Grading: Based on the answers we received We rated each center on five areas, using both the new Virginia Star Quality Program and the NAEYC standard as the basis for our own rating scale.

Teacher Certifications: Each center is rated on a scale of 1-20 for certifications for Director, Best Child Daycare near Me, Lead Teacher, and Assistant Teachers held from a master's degree in early childhood education to a high school diploma.

Teacher-Student Ratio: The center provides a teacher-student ratio for each age group. (incremented by year) including the maximum class size Those with smaller ratios and class sizes received higher scores.

Parent-Teacher Communication: We asked each center how often they did the following: Meetings, Activity/Schedule Logs. We also asked them how they encouraged communication with parents through translators and unannounced visits. Classroom video recording and parent volunteering opportunities

Curriculum: Center receives a standardized checklist of 10 courses: formatted daily timetable. Practice learning individually Break/nap time, art time, literacy, language, math, science, computer time and free play. and earn points for each topic covered in the Center Program.

Facilities: The center receives a checklist of 10 items: a personal space for children's belongings. There is an amazing play area/dressage area with sensory materials, playground equipment, and a ball area and swings as well as a book area and TV area

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