Dragon of Icespire Peak (PDF-Online Reading-Download-Summary-Review)


Dragon of Icespire Peak is a fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons adventure that takes place near the town of Phandalin and on the Sword Coast. The adventure goes through levels 1 to 5 and is the first adventure in the TheGiantGerbils campaign. It is followed by the Curse of Strahd.


In a sandbox adventure, the player chooses which direction he wants to go. This is often done by placing a map in front of players with various points of interest, and perhaps a few scant rumors to guide the way. In Icespire Peak, this is accomplished through a village message board that lists the various missions available to players. This method also prevents players from messing with their heads, new messages are added only after the group reaches the required level to open them.


This adventure is also perfect for a Western Marches campaign. Most campaigns revolve around the same band of heroes, week after week. And therefore the same players must show up, week after week. But in a Western Marches campaign, players can change from week to week, whoever shows up to play plays. So far in our campaign, we have had a different roster of players for each session.

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