Tips to Prevent Common Exercise Injuries

    Shalin Patel

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    It is important to stop and listen to your body and warm up. It doesn’t take much and you will feel much safer and more prepared to work out when you pay attention to warming your muscles up. Once you feel the workout coming, ease into it with light running or warm up drills. You can also help prevent injuries by wearing shoes that properly fit and allow your feet to breathe. If you’re concerned about an area of pain, check with your doctor or a physiotherapist for ways to prevent it from happening again or other help/information. Good luck!

    How to Warm-Up and Cool-Down for a Workout

    Once you have been cleared by a doctor to perform physical activity, it is important to know the right way to do it. Don't just jump into working out or play sports without doing some warm-up first. Before your muscles are ready to engage in an athletic activity, there is a lot going on inside your body, including increasing oxygen levels and heart rate, as well as normalizing blood pressure and temperature throughout your body.

    Physical Therapy: How to Improve Physical Strength

    Physical therapy teaneck, It is a very complex subject with lots of specializations. I will start this article by mentioning what it is not. Physical therapy is definitely not a spa for muscle relaxation or a place to go if you want fast weight loss. Think of it more as a gym where you can train specific muscles and physical functions.

    Stretching for Better Results on Daily Stretches

    Dynamic stretching is an effective way to warm up for your exercise session. It enables you to prepare your body for intense muscle-building and helps you avoid the unnecessary risk of injuring muscles by straining against them before they are ready. Dynamic stretches increase blood flow and flexibility and can warm muscles to about 50 degrees above body temperature. This type of stretching also improves your range of motion and agility and it requires good balance, which makes it a great way to improve your overall fitness level.

    Vary Your Workouts

    There are plenty of reasons why you might want to keep your arms in tip-top shape. Fantastic arms are something that are admired by many, whether it is for playing sports or simply looking good in swimwear. Although there is no way to guarantee exactly what your arms will look like, there is certainly a lot you can do at the gym to get them into shape.

    Physical exercise has numerous benefits to your physical, mental, and emotional health. However, exercise injuries are common. These exercises are designed to strengthen muscle tissue - including bones, ligaments, tendons, and muscles - thereby you will strengthen your entire body, help prevent injury during sports or daily life, improve blood supply to muscles which will increase the breakdown of fat for energy, decrease risk of diabetes and heart disease, lower blood pressure & cholesterol which also can decrease chances of developing ischemic stroke, improve coordination and balance which can improve quality of life for older adults, and numerous other benefits.

    I have been a Physical Therapist for over 25 years. In that time, I have noticed a lot of people rushing into getting fit without knowing if their body is ready for the task. They may start off with the best of intentions and high hopes, but don’t make it past their first few workouts. The pain and discomfort they experience leads to an immediate end to their exercise routine; and after a few days or weeks, it is too late.

    Physical activity can be a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle, but so many of us spend so much time sitting on our behinds that we forget what moving feels like. Take some time today to do the following moves to elevate your heart rate and increase your body temperature. These can help you improve your fitness level as well as reduce stress.

    Most people start their workouts with a series of static stretches thinking that it will warm up the muscles for more intense movements. However, stretching your muscles before exercising can actually undermine your workout and put you at risk of injury. This is particularly true for dynamic movements, such as high-impact exercises and plyometrics where it is best to not stretch the muscles prior to exercise. This type of warm-up will prepare your muscles for more intense movements than static stretching, so you are less likely to experience an injury once you dive into the workout.

    This concept applies to both body composition and exercise. Changing your workout is a great way to keep things interesting, no matter how good you get at the activities you’re currently doing. If you want a new challenge, or your old favorite exercise has become too easy, going to a new gym is one quick way to get a change in scenery and try a lot of new things.

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