This course provides a comprehensive understanding of asset management and the ISO 55001 Standard. The CAMA Course teaches asset management skills so that course participants can serve as auditors/assessors and participate in activities as part of a team of auditors/assessors.


  • The World Partners in Asset Management (WPiAM) can help you gain the asset management knowledge you need to become a Certified Asset Management Assessor (CAMA).
  • Obtain formal accreditation from World Partners in Asset Management (WPiAM) as a "Certified Asset Management Assessor".
  • Learn how to implement ISO 55001 and improve their business by learning about asset management.
  • Develop a Defensible Maintenance Budget by learning how to do so (a key part of any Defensible Asset Management Plan and associated Budget).
  • Learn the 13 important Key Asset Management actions you'll need to:
  1. Create a Defensible Asset Management Plan and Budget; this can also be done.
  2. Lower total costs of ownership.

An asset management system auditor/job assessor's role is to:

  • To interpret integrated and heterogeneous processes and systems, provide strategic information from many disciplines and organisations.
  • Examine both the technical and non-technical aspects of a company's asset management system.
  • Demonstrating an understanding of asset management as a collection of risk-based technical and financial processes.
  • Keeping in touch with management and other resources.

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