Real Estate Lockbox- Its advantages and Why it is a good idea?

When planning to sell a property, the owners have to be ready and prepared for the agent dropping in from time to time to show the property to potential buyers. Sometimes, it proves to be very challenging with no one at home. In such a scenario, the concept of real estate lockbox emerged and is in existence for decades together. Today, this product has become a staple in this sector. These coded boxes allow access to the agents and others to the keys of the home. The combination or code of the lockbox is given only to authorized people and agents.

A couple of decades back, traditional lockboxes were used and were placed on the doorknob. It was found on any fixture that was part of the property. There were keypads on these lockboxes. Some lockboxes also used an external device that is accessible to the agents who have to enter a combination or a code that has to be entered into the lockbox to get the key. The lockbox helps the buyer and agents making viewing of the property easier and manageable even if the owner is not available at the home. This way, a lot of time is saved and saves the agent from the effort of picking up keys from the listing office. Using lockboxes is completely safe and convenient to use and now more sophisticated versions are available.

Agents also make use of real estate rider that gives quick information about the property available on sale, like the number of rooms, availability of swimming pool, open area, sunny window and more, along with the contact details of the agent. Thus, a passer-by who is interested in the property can quickly get in touch with the agent and take things forward. This results in the quick sale of the property.


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