Interesting Facts about Top 5 Magicians in Las Vegas

Magic is an art and it is not a cup of tea for general folks. Nowadays anyone claims to be a magician, but literally very few people who have distinguished skill that the world has acknowledged them as true magicians. When it comes to magic shows then, no other place in the world equalizes Las Vegas.  The city is not only famous for wonderful magic shows; rather the city is the home of veteran magicians.  In this article, we have selected top five magicians and will write interesting facts about their life. These magicians have made unprecedented contributions to the world of magic and left lasting impressions on the society.


  • David Copperfield
  • Fredric Da Silva
  • Criss Angel
  • Gerry McCambridge
  • Nathan Burton


Interesting facts about David Copperfield:

  • David Copperfield is Famous American Illusionist and also known as David Seth Kotkin.
  • David has won 11 Guinness World Records so far.
  • The net worth of David is 800 million USD.
  • At the age of 12, David joined the Society of American magicians becoming the youngest ever to join the society.
  • The producer Joseph Cates spotted the talent of David and gives him first television break in The Magic of ABC’ in 1977.
  • David is the only solo entertainer who has sold over 40 million tickets.
  • The best illusion he has created so far is vanishing of a jet airplane, the disappearance of the Statue of Liberty, and walking through the Great Wall of China.
  • David has own private resort consisting of eleven Bahamian islands, called ‘The Islands of Copperfield Bay’.
  • Apart from performing in live shows, he also worked on television shows such as ‘Terror Train’ (1980), ‘Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood’ (1997), ‘America’s Got Talent’ (2010), and ‘Burt Wonderstone’ (2013).
  • David is the proud recipient of 21 Emmy Awards, Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  • Due to unprecedented contribution in art and literature, French government awarded him “Chevalier of Arts and Letters”


Interesting facts about Fredric Da Silva:

  • Fredric Da Silva is an international mentalist, performed his first show at the age of five.
  • Due to his outstanding performance, Fredric has won Hypnosis Excellence Award by American School of Hypnosis.
  • The net worth of Fredric is 2.5 million USD.
  • After higher secondary at age of 18, Fredric joined the society of French Hypnotist.
  • Now Paranormal Mind Reading Magic by Fredric Da Silva is number one afternoon show in the Sin City.
  • His famous acts are freezing the clock, bending a spoon, and reading the mind of people in the live show.
  • Due to the great work in the field of entertainment French Government award him highest civilian award, “ National Order of the Legion of Honor”


Interesting facts about Criss Angel:

  • The most popular magician Criss Angel is also known as Christopher Nicholas Sarandakos.
  • Criss developed an early interest in magic and performed his first show when he was 12.
  • The net worth of Criss Angel is 50 million USD.
  • Criss never went college in life; rather he studied the history of magic in public library.
  • Apart from the magic, Criss is a good singer, expert in martial art and dance.
  • Criss made several television appearances in 1990.
  • The first movie of Criss is “Science of magic” in 1997 and its 2003 sequel ‘The Science of Magic II’.
  • In 2005, Angel transformed the stage show ‘Criss Angel: Mindfreak’ into an A&E Network show.
  • The best illusions he has created so far is, walking on water, splitting a woman in half in a public park, and flying over the Valley of Fire while suspended from a helicopter by his bare skin.
  • Apart from a magic show, he performed many stage shows including ‘Criss Angel Magicjam’, ‘Mindfreak Live!’, and ‘The Super naturalists’.
  • In the memory of his father, Criss Angel and his brothers J.D. and Costa founded the BELIEVE Charitable Foundation in 2007. Since 2007, the trust is working actively and elevating the life of underprivileged children, who are suffering from illness and unable to take primary education.
  • He has won "Magician of the Decade" from international magician society in 2009 and “magician of the century” in 2010.
  • On 26 May 2010, he made Guinness world record for making 100 people disappear from the live show, Believe at Luxor. This is the most people to disappear in illusion.



Interesting facts about Gerry McCambridge:

  • Gerry McCambridge is an award-winning mentalist and his show is the longest-running mentalist show in the history of Las Vegas.
  • Since 2005, Gerry has performed in more than 2300 shows.
  • In March of 2014, Gerry appeared as one of the millionaire bachelors looking for love on the reality show "Millionaire Matchmaker."
  • Gerry has also appeared on countless talk shows, including "Late Night with David Letterman," "The Today Show" and "The Best Damn Sports Show Period."
  • In 2005, he was awarded "Mentalist of the Year" by the Psychic Entertainers Association.
  • In 2008, he won the prestigious "Merlin" award for "Mentalist of the Decade" from the International Magicians Society.


Interesting facts about Nathan Burton:

  • Nathan Burton is award-winning comedian and magician in Las Vegas.
  • He performed his first show at the age of four.
  • By the age of 18, Nathan has won four first-place trophies at international competitions for his original blend of comedy magic.
  • The best illusion he has created so far disappearing Elephant in the live show.
  • On 25 May 2006, Nathan launched his own show, “ Nathan Burton Comedy Magic”
  • Apart from comedy and magic show, Burton was also featured on popular television shows like TLC’s Miami Ink, VH1’s Surreal Life: Fame Games, The Food Network’s Last Cake Standing, truTV’s Storage Hunters, NBC's Miss USA Pageant, Lifetime's Coming Home, and China’s Got Talent.
  • Now Nathan is one of the popular entertainers across the globe and he continues to amaze audiences in Las Vegas and beyond.