Guildmasters' Guide to Ravnica (PDF-Book-Summary-Review-Online Reading-Download)


Guildmasters' Guide to Ravnica is a reference book detailing the Ravnica campaign setting for the fifth edition of the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy RPG released in November 2018. The world of Ravnica was originally created for the card game Magic: The Gathering collectibles and first appeared in the Ravnica: City of Guilds card set, which was released in 2005. It is a world of high magic with a loose Slavic flavor and features a single city that spans the entire planet. which is controlled by ten rival guilds of different ideologies.

Rules required Dungeons & Dragons, 5th edition
Character levels 1-2
Campaign setting Multiverse (Magic: The Gathering), Ravnica
Authors Wizards RPG Team
First published November 20, 2018
Pages 256
ISBN 978-0-7869-6659-2


In Guildmasters' Guide to Ravnica, the world's most popular RPG meets the world's most popular trading card game. Released to coincide with the Magic Guilds of Ravnica set, it's the perfect blend of stories from the creators of Magic: The Gathering, wrapped in the rules, monsters, and magic of the fifth edition of Dungeons & Dragons.

• Everything you need to create characters and go on adventures in Ravnica, one of the richest and most beloved settings in Magic: The Gathering.
• 5 new races, specific to Ravnica, plus 2 new subclasses, 78 new monsters, and 17 new magic items.
• "Krenko's Way": an adventure prepared for level 1 characters.
• Dungeons & Dragons are the best RPG in the world. Created in 1974, D&D transformed gaming culture by combining traditional fantasy with miniatures and war games.


The first D&D book to face magic: The Gathering
With the Guildmasters Guide to Ravnica, you can create characters and go on adventures in Ravnica, one of the richest and most beloved settings in Magic: The Gathering.

Ravnica is a global urban landscape, full of intrigue, fueled by the conflict between 10 powerful guilds, each with its own identity and interests.

D&D fans will love exploring the book's additions to D&D, with new classes, races, and magical items to delve into, while Magic fans will love bringing their favorite cards to life in the deepest role-playing game. world, with all the necessary rules to play a Loxodon Smiter, a Goblin Electromancer, or any other Ravnican character you can imagine.


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