What Is An Assessor And Why You Should Consider Training To Become One

Assessors are the ties that bind the learner and the final product. They assess the learner's skills and competencies and engage directly in offering constructive feedback in the form of assistance and remediation to ensure that the learner understands what it takes to achieve the targeted learning outcome. They are in charge of determining if a learner is competent or not in a given topic or learning objective after the assessor course. They are excellent decision-makers and judges, and they are intuitively created and trained to ensure that learners are properly educated and trained.

What is the role of an Assessor?

The role of an assessor entails the following:

  • Both themselves and the candidate are planning and preparing for the assessment.
  • Collecting evidence to substantiate a candidate's competency result while managing and performing the exam within accepted frameworks or assessment standards.
  • Assessing the candidate's evidence and making a decision on the candidate's competence in accordance with all standards.
  • Keeping track of all information as needed by the ETQA.
  • Providing candidates with assessment feedback.
  • Reviewing and amending the evaluation process on a regular basis in order to enhance it.

Moderators provide quality assurance for the training and assessor course, which means they examine it to ensure that it is fair, accurate, and compliant with ETQA guidelines. Before applying to be trained as a Moderator, one must first become a certified Assessor.

How To Become A Certified Assessor

To become a certified assessor, you must first finish an accredited Assessor Training Course at a recognised learning institution, following which you will receive a Assessor Certificate of Competence and a Statement of Results (SOR). After that, you can apply to join an ETQA and begin working as a constituent assessor. 

Apply For An Assessor Course

If you want to work as an assessor, you need to begin with quality assessor course. WPiAM offers Australia's top Assessor Courses, and you may submit your Portfolio of Evidence for evaluation. Get in touch with us right away to begin evaluating.