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Wedding Dash is a casual strategy game and is the first part of the Wedding Dash series from PlayFirst. It was released on October 18, 2007, as a spin-off of the successful Diner Dash series of games. It is a time management game that is similar but different from Diner Dash. The events of Wedding Dash appear to take place after part 3 of the Diner Dash series: Flo on the Go.



How To Play

Before the actual level starts, you will go through a wedding.
planning introduction, here, you need to carefully read the Bride & Groom application letter and then select the 3 options given that match, each correct selection yields $100 and can be a very good start to get an expert score in a level.

Once the planning is done, the level starts, you play as Carrie the Caterer and click as in Diner Dash to fulfill the actions, after seating someone, they have a present for the married couple, after taking their present, they will want food in the order of Appetizer, Dinner, and Dessert. When they finish they will appear on the dance floor and start dancing. As part of the service requests, when the player reaches the appropriate level, wine and music requests are displayed, he must give wine to the guests who want it, and take their music requests to the DJ on the dance floor.

Chloe, the woman in the pink dress, is the most popular guest request.

One of the most important elements of the game is a disaster, as you play the levels a random disaster will appear, these arise from random events or from some wedding guests when a disaster occurs, Quinn must go to the disaster and fix it. if the disaster continues, the bride will turn gray and transform into the dreaded Bridezilla.

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