Windows 10 now supports the feature of watching Netflix programs without Internet

    Abdulaziz Sobh

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    Windows 10 now supports the feature of watching Netflix programs without Internet

    Netflix platform provided users with the option to download their favorite software, and then watch it later at the end of 2016 in iOS and Android applications.

    The Windows 10 version now supports download and viewing without the need to connect to the Internet. Windows 10 for PC has a small number of restrictions when it comes to downloading content.

    Many of the exclusive content of Netflix is now available for download, and there are also many new serials and programs that users can download with this new feature, such as Star Trek, Breaking Bad, and more.

    All users of Windows 10 are supposed to receive this update via the Windows Today Store, but it is not yet known whether the Windows 10 operating system for phones and the versions of Xbox One will be up to date.

    Windows 10 is full of new software, and the latest development in this is text on Twitter. The Microsoft operating system offers many functions, from the Crotona plugin to the new Edge browser.

    In this version, Microsoft has improved its usage and will be equipped with many other functions in the future. It is also easy to connect with hardware and other hardware components.

    Windows 10 provides more security for the user, not only because the operating system architecture is more secure, but because the new system is constantly being updated, according to Microsoft's Markus Niche. While updates of older versions of Windows will stop after several years, US company updated the new version continuously.

    Windows 10 is more efficient and better for gamers. German expert Jan Schusses of the German computer magazine CT said that the new version of Microsoft's operating system has the latest version of DirectX, which is used primarily to create complex graphics. The games are also important for sound and game devices such as joystick and game controls.

    The new Windows 10 offers greater efficiency and performance for older computers. Microsoft has confirmed that the new version makes older devices run faster while doing daily tasks and faster downloads, although Schusses pointed out that measurements do not confirm this, and Windows 10 does not Slow down old computers.

    The free upgrade to Windows 10 is available for owners of Windows 7 or 8 computers until July 29, after which users will have to pay a fee to download the home version of the new system.

    Microsoft explains that upgrading to Windows 10 is very easy, but the update process does not occur if problems are identified or hardware devices and hardware components are not compatible. It also shows a wizard that helps the user during the operating system update process.


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