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Bowmasters is a 2D action game where you engage in exciting long-distance duels. It works like this: first, you attack, and then your opponent attacks, and the first person to bring the other person's life bar down to zero is the winner.

How To Play Bowmasters

To shoot your weapon (it can be a bow, Molotov cocktail, Viking ax, or whatever) just touch the screen and slide your finger back. You will then see the power and angle of the hit or shot. When you lift your finger, you will release the blow and see if you have managed to hit your opponent.

Bowmaster has about 30 different characters that come with their own exclusive weapon. To begin with, you only have one character unlocked, but as you progress and gain levels, you can unlock all the others.

Bowmaster is a fun and wacky 2D action game with cool graphics and many different game modes. Whether you're playing against the computer or against a friend, matchups always end badly.

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