Organisational enquires about global certification

The "Asset Management Council" is a membership-based non-profit organisation in Australia. Australia and New Zealand devised an ACCREDITATION process called the AMS Scheme (Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand) (Asset Management Systems Scheme). The following are the prerequisites for individuals wishing to certify Asset Management Management Systems.


Scope of Global Certification

Being a Certified Asset Management Professional signifies that you have a demonstrated mastery of worldwide standards and best practices from world-class maintenance and reliability experts. The WPiAM global certification distinguishes and highlights individuals that excel in maintenance and reliability and have a high level of prestige and international recognition.

As long as your organisation or training institution offers Asset Management certification schemes, qualifications or credentials, you can apply to become a Certifying Organisation so that your certifications are aligned with the Global Certification Scheme.

Professional Skills Require Global Certification

The most crucial thing to know if we want to certify our professional skills is what we want in detail. And why do we want it in the first place?

  • Is it to improve your existing job performance?
  • Is it to hunt for a new job or a promotion inside your current company?
  • Is it the ability to provide consultation and training?
  • To gain a competitive edge at work?
  • Do you wish to work in Australia or somewhere else...?

The following are some of the primary advantages of gaining global certification for businesses:

  • Increasing awareness of asset management's business value
  • Demonstrates a dedication to lifelong learning
  • Clearly defines career paths both within the company and throughout Asset Management globally.
  • Provides a written structure that can be expanded and altered as the company grows.
  • Provides a framework for employers to hire with confidence.

Within the Global Certification Scheme, an organisation can align to one of three designation levels.

  • Certified Senior Principal in Asset Management (CSAM)
  • Certified Practitioner in Asset Management (CPAM)
  • Certified Technical Specialist in Asset Management (CTAM)

To start your application for global certification, please submit the enquiry form at our website.

World Partners in Asset Management will have access to the information you provide there. We will contact you with your enquiry once it has been received.