Trump News: Who is Donald Trump President of the 45th United States

Who is Donald Trump ... President of the 45th United States?


Donald Trump, the American rich who has been known by the world for his controversial positions on issues such as immigration, Islam and his own view of American identity ... is closer than ever before to the White House. Opinion polls put him alongside Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. Who is Donald Trump, and what are the most prominent stations in his life?

Donald John Trump, the Republican presidential candidate and hairstylist, was born in Queens, New York, on June 14, 1946. When he was a boy, his parents realized that he was overly active and attached him to a military college when he was a teenager to direct his energies Better.

Start of business


After the station, Donald Trump joined the Wharton School of Accounting at the University of Pennsylvania before starting his business career at his father's real estate firm, where he showed business excellence under the care of his father, individual Trump.

Trump, during the conference in which he accepted the Republican nomination in Cleveland, wanted to honor his father when he spoke of his memory. "My father Trump's father was the smartest and most intelligent man I've ever known," he said.

Trump went into the business world alone in 1983, where he began building skyscrapers. He built the first skyscraper he called the Trump Tower before he began building other towers that invaded New York City and all bore his name. Trump began to be nicknamed by the famous "Donald" Trump, and his hairstyle became a symbol of success in business during the 1980s.

Donald Trump was a media celebrity and celebrity, and for 12 years he gave the reality television program The Abates, where he auditioned for a number of candidates to join his giant companies. And his popularity began to rise among a large section of Americans and it was entertaining.

Stubborn and steadfast


Trump faced several difficulties in managing his mega real estate projects during the 1990s and almost collapsed during the 1990 real estate crisis as a result of his multi-billion dollar debt. But he managed to overcome these difficulties and radiation again before facing a new crisis that nearly engulfed his empire in 2005. That his casinos in Atlantic City recorded heavy losses before he rescued his group from collapse at the last minute.

Although many of his companies have gone bankrupt, Donald Trump often boasts of his sometimes booming wealth, which he says is worth nearly $ 10 billion, though many reports doubt it. The New York Times recently disclosed the 1995 tax return to Trump, stating that it had reported losses of $ 918 million, thus avoiding paying taxes on its income for more than 10 years.

US President Donald Trump announced Friday that the United States will soon begin a new phase of its policy toward the Syrian crisis.

Trump said in a statement issued on Saturday to mark the liberation of the Syrian city of Iraqi and distributed by the White House that this phase will include supporting local forces, reducing the level of violence and providing conditions for peace in Syria.

Trump said in his statement: "I am pleased to announce that the Syrian Democratic Forces, our partner in the battle against Damascus in Syria, successfully took control of the tenderness, declared by the terrorist organization as its capital unilaterally, our forces together liberated the entire city from the grip of a supporter."

Trump went on to say: "Defeating in Iraqi represents a very important breakthrough in our global campaign to destroy its anti-human ideology and ideology. It has become a happy ending, with the liberation of its capital and much of its territory soon."

"We will soon move to a new phase in which we will support local security forces, reduce the level of violence throughout Syria and create the conditions for a sustainable peace in a way that will not allow terrorists to threaten our collective security again," he said.

Trump added that the United States, in cooperation with its allies and partners, would support "diplomatic negotiations to end violence and enable refugees to return home safely and provide a political transition process that would respond to the will of the Syrian people."

"Terrorist leaders and all those who support them need to face justice, and that's what will happen," he said.

Trump is trying to subject Iraq to American control again


US President Donald Trump on February 2nd claimed that Iran was acquiring more of Iraq after America lost $ 3 trillion. "Iran is swallowing more Iraq," Trump said on Twitter.

US President Donald Trump said last week that he did not back down on promises about Iraq he had launched during his campaign. He said the US administration spent more than $ 6 trillion on the Middle East, with little results.

The program "truth", which is broadcast on the radio "Sputnik" discussed the subject with Dr. Wadith al-Hashemi, head of the Iraqi Group for Strategic Studies, where he said Hashemi in his speech, "Trump's remarks are an extension of his campaign, and began to reflect these statements through his team and his "Trump's statements are based on escalation, and if Trump accuses Iraq of belonging to Iran, I think it is the responsibility of the United States of America, where it occupied Iraq and replaced the army and the institutions of the Iraqi state, which allowed Iran to incursion , And therefore Trump has to hold US leaders accountable, starting with President Bush through Obama.

So I think that this is unreasonable, and the man's statements floundering and trying to climb the region with multiple countries, where his policy is not clear even for Iraq, which is an important strategic ally of the United States, and there is a strategic framework agreement between the two countries, but it seems that the US President lacks to The political background and all his messages are not reassuring, and this is that the world is heading to the subject of escalation and the end of the period of peace. "

Trump recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and orders the transfer of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to it


US President Donald Trump announced in a speech Wednesday the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and confirmed that he ordered the start of preparations for the transfer of the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to it.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - US President Donald Trump said in a speech on Wednesday that Jerusalem was recognized as the capital of Israel in a landmark resolution that would turn decades of US policy into a new wave of violence in the Middle East.

"I have decided that it is time to formally recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel," Trump said in his speech from the White House.

He said the resolution reflected a "new approach" to the Arab-Israeli conflict. "Trump has taken a decision that all US presidents have postponed since 1995, asserting that he is fulfilling the promise of his" failure "to fulfill it.

"The time has come to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel," Trump said, adding that he already recognized an existing "reality".

"After more than two decades of exceptions" to a US law dating back to 1995 to transfer the US embassy to Jerusalem, "Today we are no closer to a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians," he said.

"The United States remains determined to help facilitate a mutually acceptable peace agreement," he said. "I intend to do my best to help reach an agreement of this kind."

Trump also stressed that if the parties agree on this issue, the United States will support a "two-state solution."

And ordered the State Department to "prepare for the transfer of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem."

Conscious of the wave of international condemnations and warnings of fear of a wave of violence, Trump called for "calm and moderation so that the voices of tolerance prevail over the voices of hate advocates."

He confirmed that he would send Vice President Mike Pence to the region in the next few days.

Tillerson confirms that the United States will immediately begin to transfer its embassy to Jerusalem

For his part, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson that the United States will immediately begin to implement the decision to transfer its embassy to Jerusalem. He added that Trump's decision "makes the American presence compatible with reality" because the Israeli parliament, the Supreme Court, the presidency and the organs of the Israeli prime minister are in Jerusalem.

Tillerson confirmed that the decision was taken after consulting with "many friends, partners and allies," adding "we firmly believe that there is a chance for lasting peace."

"In consultation with federal agencies, we have developed strong security plans to ensure the safety of Americans in the areas concerned," Tillerson said.

Israel hails "historic event"

Immediately after the announcement, Netanyahu praised the decision and welcomed it as a "historic event" and stressed that any peace agreement with the Palestinians should include Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Trump admits extension of commitment to nuclear agreement with Iran "for the last time"


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - US President Donald Trump has decided to extend the United States' commitment to a nuclear deal with Iran only once it is changed or abandoned, according to White House officials.

Under Trump's decision, the sanctions are lifted from Iran for 120 days.

The Trump administration wants European parties to the agreement to impose permanent restrictions on Iran's enrichment of uranium. Under the current deal, enrichment restrictions are due to be lifted in 2025.

Trump also wants to deal with Iran's ballistic missile program.

Iran signed the agreement in 2015 with six superpowers.

Under the agreement, Iran would significantly limit its uranium enrichment activities, dispose of its stockpile of enriched uranium and modify a heavy water facility to allow the production of usable materials for nuclear weapons.

In return, US and international sanctions imposed on Iran have been frozen for decades.

The US president must sign a document freezing the sanctions every 120 days.

But Trump has repeatedly criticized the agreement reached in the era of his predecessor, Barack Obama.

"This is the last time the document will be issued unless they reach an agreement," a White House official said.

The European powers believe that the agreement is necessary for international security.

The United States keeps sanctions on Iran on other issues such as terrorism, human rights and the development of ballistic missiles.

Iran says the missiles it tests are incapable of carrying nuclear warheads and insists its nuclear program is peaceful.

Donald Trump is proud of the recovery of the US economy during his first year at the White House


The US economy rebounded during the first year of Donald Trump's rule and unemployment fell to its lowest level in 18 years. Trump welcomed the recovery, saying it was due to his policy, and that the tax reform approved by Congress during his presidency would boost the recovery. But some analysts say the recovery is a result of the global economic recovery and the policies pursued by his predecessor, Barack Obama.

Climate is not a priority .. Trump is fighting the battle of "America first" on the economic front

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - US President Donald Trump, in a speech Monday in Washington, will present a national security vision centered on his famous "America First" slogan to counter threats to the United States.

The US president, who has so far recorded a sharp and complete break with his predecessor Barack Obama's policy on climate change and free trade, has helped isolate the United States on the international scene, his National Security Strategy, in a huge document that outlines all the challenges facing the United States.

A US official said the text would confirm that economic competitiveness is "a matter of national security," stressing the administration's determination to fight for balanced trade exchanges, especially with China.

"The best weapon at our disposal is the overall strength of our domestic product," the official said, citing US Defense Secretary Jim Matisse's words.

In addition to stressing the economic battle, Trump's approach differs according to the source from the strategies of his predecessors, Democrats and Republicans, on national security and border control.

The document, drawn up by the Trump administration and unveiled after the president's speech, outlines four vital priorities for the United States: protecting US territory, promoting US prosperity, maintaining peace by force, and spreading US influence.

Trump said in a speech at the end of September at the United Nations was characterized by a very rare tone of the international organization, the adherence to the "sovereignty" of America, condemning the existing pluralistic approach.

However, his aggressive rhetoric did not allow for a real "doctrine" of Trump regarding the status of the United States in the world.

Climate is not a priority

In response to a question on the status of climate change in this reference document, the US administration said the climate was not considered a "threat to national security."

Trump, who arrived at the White House on a skeptical approach to the reality of climate change, announced his country's withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement signed by some 200 countries.

Obama, a top architect of the deal, has repeatedly stressed that the climate challenge is a security challenge.

"Climate change increases the risk of instability and conflict across the world," he said a year before his term ended. "Do not misjudge, there will be an impact on how our army should defend our country," he said, referring to deep changes in the level of organization, training and protection of infrastructure.

The most recent National Security Strategy document was issued in February 2015, and Obama warned at length on the occasion to take hasty decisions in managing international crises.

Learn about the top 8 statements made by US President Trump in his speech at Davos


US President Donald Trump has just delivered a speech at the World Economic Forum Davos, where he is taking part for the first time and was looking forward to his speech by a number of heads of state and economic leaders, the most important points in his speech.

  1. Trump said that America has not experienced such economic prosperity before, pointing to its role in the development and push the economy of his country
  2. Trump explained his economic policy, "America First," which many politicians blame as disrupting the economic interests of a number of countries. Trump said in his speech that "America First" does not mean that America will grow alone.
  3. One of the most important points to which the heads and leaders of a number of countries are looking at is free trade and its convention. Trump said that America supports fair and free trade according to it.
  4. Stressed the work with a number of partners to fight North Korea and Iran, adding that 100% of the provinces that have received a booster has been restored.
  5. Confirmed that this is the best time to invest in America
  6. Trump spoke of some adjustments in the immigration system of America
  7. He stressed the good return of the tax reform law he had imposed for some time
  8. He said that most of his experience before the presidency was that he was a businessman

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