Using Vegetable Apps For Shopping? Here are Some Produce with Long Shelf Life


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    Ever opened your refrigerator’s door only to find mushy or moldy vegetables in the produce drawer, you are not alone. About 40% of the food that is grown and sold in our country, gets thrown out because of the fact that people store but forgets to cook.

    Instead of draining your money on a canned meal or processed food, it is advised to buy farm-fresh fruits and vegetables. For working professionals and parents, buying groceries online is an excellent way to save money and cut back on food waste as you can always have fresh and nutrition-loaded produce handy. All of them last at least three days or four, while some can stay longer than that.

    I mean fruits like raspberries or gooseberries, they last for two days or three. However, if stored well and under the right temperature, a lot of your favorites can last far longer. In fact, if you make smart decisions about what you purchase or how you store it, you can enjoy farm-fresh meals packed with high nutritional value. While it is easier to buy and consume canned food, there is a different kind of crisp to fresh produce. If you don’t wish to make trips to your grocery store or supermarket as they tend to lose their flavour and freshness within two or three days.  

    Below listed are some produce that you shop from vegetable apps that will last longer.

    Pumpkin: Besides being carved for decoration, pumpkin can last for months, if stored in the refrigerator. You can try roasting pumpkin in the oven with oil, pepper, salt and cumin. It is a major hit for Vitamin A and all the goodness. The orange squash holds a reputation for lasting quite longer than other or regular food.

    Beets: To all the beet lovers, your favourite red vegetable can last longer than two months, if stored in the fridge. Ensure that you cut off the greens, keeping them may drain the moisture out from the root, which can affect the flavours and nourishment. You may not know but you can enjoy beets before you go out for a workout or for a jog. They include chemicals that help lower blood pressure and boost endurance.

    Cabbage: Many don’t know, Cabbage has lower water content than other traditional greens such as spinach and romaine, which is known for helping the food have a better shelf life. If wrapped in plastic and stored at the right temperature in a refrigerator, the vegetable can last for a month. Over time, due to heat, the chemicals that offer cabbage its nutritional superpower tend to break down.

    Sweet Potatoes: Being fibre-rich and having a low glycemic index, they are easily digested and have the ability to keep you satiated and full for a long time. If you love sweet potatoes, store them in a dark and cool area, you can expect them to last quite long. To maintain freshness and circulation, store them in a loose bag.

    Carrots: Instead of purchasing those baby carrots that go bad quickly, pick up full-size carrots, which are considered the best option for weight loss. If they are being sold in a plastic bag, consider placing them in a paper towel to allow the moisture to absorb. Since moisture can rot the vegetable, it is advised to wrap them well to retain the crunchiness and freshness.

    Onions: one of the best vegetables that stays fresh for a long time. store them in a dry area where the temperature is between 30° and 50°. You can try storing them in a mesh bag and they should stay good for a week or so. since they are used in omelet to salad to food that we eat, there is nothing amazing than flavourful onion. 


    What are you waiting for? You know the right vegetables, hop on the best and trusted vegetable apps to place an order and support the local farmers. Follow the tips we mentioned to work on the juiciness, ripeness, and freshness of your vegetables for a longer time.

    Ask for referrals or look for the best platforms on the internet to shop for the best quality fruits and vegetables.