An Assessor Course: What Is It and Why Should You Consider Enrolling in One?

It is the role of assessors to connect a student to the final result. Learners' abilities and competencies are assessed, and constructive feedback is offered directly in the form of support and remediation to ensure that the learner understands what it takes to accomplish the targeted learning outcome. After completing the assessor training course, they are responsible for judging whether or not a learner is competent in a certain topic or learning objective. It is their job to ensure that students receive a high-quality education and training by creating and training expert decision-makers and judges.


As an Assessor, what do you do?

An assessor's responsibilities include the following:

  • It's a team effort, as both they and the candidate are thinking ahead to the evaluation.
  • collecting evidence to support a candidate's competency outcome while managing and administering the exam within established frameworks or assessment standards.
  • Examining the evidence presented by the applicant and rendering a judgement on that applicant's competence in light of all applicable standards.
  • Ensuring that the ETQA has access to all relevant information at all times.
  • Assessment feedback for candidates.
  • Regularly re-evaluating and revising the evaluation process in order to make it better.
  • Moderators verify the training and assessor course is fair, accurate, and adheres to ETQA criteria by performing quality assurance checks. The first step to becoming a Moderator is to get accredited as an Assessor.

How Do I Become a Certified Assessor?

The first step in becoming a qualified assessor is to complete an accredited Assessor Course at a recognised learning institution, after which you will get an Assessor Certificate of Competence and a Statement of Results (SOR). To become a constituent assessor, you must first apply to join an ETQA.

Take A Course To Become An Assessor.

Quality assessor training is the first step in becoming an assessor. A Portfolio of Evidence can be submitted for examination by WPiAM, which offers the best Assessor Courses in Australia. To begin the evaluation process, please contact us as soon as possible.