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Mr. Krabs Overdoses On Ketamine is a free-to-play single-player action video game where you play as Mr. Krabs looking for his next dose. Developed by ThrillDaWill, this indie platformer is a fan-made dark parody adventure based on the popular cartoon TV show, SpongeBob SquarePants. While it offers fun and action-packed gameplay, its themes are not for kids as they openly revolve around crude language, drugs, and violence.



Mr. Krabs Overdoses On Ketamine features dark themes suitable for adults only. You control Mr. Krabs, who now sells illegal drugs to the other characters in the series. He too suffers from addiction, and your goal is to satisfy him with enough collected Ketamine. However, you will have to avoid some mind-controlled NPCs as they will attack you on sight. Fortunately, you can defend yourself, either with your fists or with your speedboat.

As for the graphics, this game offers an interesting combination of light and bright backgrounds with accurate 3D models of the characters. However, the new designs for some of the lead actors look horrible to portray his addiction. This artistic dissonance is what makes the game shine, as it's not completely dark, but its content definitely is. However, models can easily fail in buildings. The battle against Plankton sometimes crashes your game as well.

Without a doubt a memorable game

While the overall story is dark and not kid-friendly, Mr. Krabs Overdoses On Ketamine is a surprisingly fun game due to its combat mechanics, as you can also climb, roll dodge, crouch, change camera angles, and more. even slow downtime. down to perform sexy moves. However, the character models can easily go through some background models and force you to restart, which is annoying since there is no save system. Also, the ending cutscene can crash the game.

Mr. Krabs Overdoses On Ketamine - Game Controls

  • Left Click: Attack
  • WASD: Move
  • Shift: Run
  • Space: Jump/Climb
  • ALT 2x: Roll
  • ALT 1x: Crouch
  • 1: Consume Ketamine Pickup
  • Z: Slow Motion
  • V: Change Angle
  • C: Change Camera Angle

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