WPiAM's Mission and Vision for Certified Asset Management

WPiAM is a global partnership of national not-for-profit professional associations that was founded in late 2014 to enable individuals and organisations to develop, measure, and recognize competence in Certified Asset Management for the benefit of their members and the global society.


The WPiAM's three primary objectives are to

  • Maintain a database of questions and answers appropriate for certifying ISO55001 auditors and assessors in the bare minimal knowledge and awareness of asset management;
  • To serve as a global certifying body for personnel in the marketplace; and
  • Demonstrate the ideals of honesty, teamwork, and public service.

WPiAM has issued a statement outlining the distinctions between WPiAM and the GFMAM. This message can be viewed in your favourite language by selecting it below.


World Partners in Asset Management (WPiAM)

Originally created in 2014 to facilitate the establishment of the CAMA Exam, WPiAM is now an Australian-registered not-for-profit organisation. Currently, participation is limited to GFMAM members, but may expand to include other organisations that match the WPiAM selection requirements in the future. The WPiAM is governed by a five-member Board of Directors elected by the membership and a Management Company that is responsible for administering the CAMA test, Global Certification Scheme, and other administrative responsibilities.



  • WPiAM is a global alliance of national non-profit professional associations founded in late 2014 to enable individuals and organisations to develop, measure, and recognize Asset Management competence.


Global Forum on Maintenance Asset Management (GFMAM)

The GFMAM is a not-for-profit organization that was created in Switzerland in May 2010. In October 2017, it was reincorporated as a not-for-profit corporation under the laws of Canada. All GFMAM members are not-for-profit organizations governed by the entire membership, legally founded within their different regions of operation, with a sizable membership representing a diverse base within the industry they represent, and who share the GFMAM's values and aims.


  • To be a global network that serves as a resource for the maintenance and asset management communities.


  • To advance the maintenance and asset management professions via collaborative development of knowledge, standards, and practices.


  • To unite, promote, and strengthen the global community of maintenance and asset management professionals.
  • To assist in the establishment and growth of organisations or institutions whose primary mission is maintenance and/or asset management.
  • To encourage the interchange and alignment of knowledge and practices in maintenance and asset management.

To increase the credibility of member organisations by increasing the Global Certification Forum's profile.

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