4 Key Points to Consider While Choosing a Surrogate Mother

Choosing the right surrogate mother is always a challenging task for the intended parents. Because of the amount of responsibility she will hold during the journey, there are many variables to consider while picking the womb that will be carrying your child.

To make the trip as smooth and beneficial as possible for all parties involved, your surrogate must be in good health and live in a stress-free environment. Gaurav wankhede, one of the best surrogacy professionals around, throws further light on the same discussion.

As per him, one must ponder about the following four characteristics while selecting a surrogate.


A surrogate woman should be in her main reproductive years in order to establish the best environment for a healthy delivery of a kid with minimal difficulties. Gaurav Wankhede Surrogacy says that a woman's body will take less of a toll during pregnancy throughout her main reproductive years. Moreover, she will be able to heal more quickly than others who have passed their peak child-bearing years.

Your pregnancy will be more likely to succeed if you choose a surrogate between the ages of 21 and 40 who has a healthy BMI. This ensures that your surrogate is healthy and free of any hazards that might harm a developing pregnancy. Consider the medical issues that come with being an older surrogate, like as hypertension or preeclampsia, which are both frequent in older women.

Medical history

So, you've located a willing carrier who is quite enthusiastic about assisting you on your adventure. Perhaps she is a family acquaintance or a member of the extended family. Gaurav wankhede says that its crucial to evaluate her medical history. You want a carrier who has already given birth to a kid without any issues. Examine her past pregnancies and births, as well as the paperwork in her prenatal and delivery records.

A surrogate should have previous childbearing experience. You should also make certain that the carrier has no criminal background and leads a steady and responsible life. It's also crucial to have a health history that looks at the surrogate's mental and emotional state. You want to pick a lady who is emotionally capable and ready to have your kid, and then give it to its parents without hesitation. A surrogate with any past mental or emotional health problems is not a good fit for this procedure, no matter how nice and ready to help she is.


After you've chosen your surrogate, you could believe that because she agreed to participate in the procedure, she'll honour all of your preferences. This isn't always the case, though.

You'll need a lady who is completely open to enabling the intended parents to make medical decisions and participate in the pregnancy and delivery process. As per Gaurav Wankhede, one must find a carrier who shares your viewpoints on the subjects that matter most to you. Before deciding to continue further on the voyage, it is critical to have a thorough discussion about these issues.

You'll also require a surrogate who is willing to receive the hormone injections required to conceive your kid. She must be able to keep her appointments and arrive on time. She must be willing to follow the boundaries you've established not only for the 9 months you'll be together, but also for the rest of the child's life.

It's all about the love, after all.

Gaurav Wankhede affirms that at the end of the day, this is a lovely adventure that will assist you in growing your family. It's critical to find a surrogate with a huge heart and the ability to love. Furthermore, you should get the impression that your selected carrier genuinely wants to help you and your family.

You will create an atmosphere full of love and positive energy if you express equal thanks for one another throughout the procedure. This is beneficial to you, her, and your child's development. Though most of this procedure will entail contracts and some business, keep in mind that this is a lady who is here to help you realise one of your biggest dreams: having a child.