6 Tips to Perfecting Your Travel Website Design

It is unlikely that someone you met would say they do not like travelling. That’s why it is not surprising that the tourism and travel industry is booming. As this industry evolves further, the demands, engagement and inquisitiveness in travel and tourism increase, thus the competition. Hire the best travel website designers who will assist you develop a travel website that is captivating, unique, user-friendly and eye-catching.

Developing and designing a travel website might appear easy, however, it can be exhausting if you are not aware of what you should do to make the website engaging. Do not just select a theme, design and launch your travel website. It is more than just designing, as a travel website should be developed including several important factors. Exciting visual content and imagery must be included. This blog entails 6 insightful tips for perfecting your travel website design.

Find Out 6 Insightful Tips to Perfecting Your Travel Website Design

Connect with the best travel website designers who will help you have an edge over your competitors. Below, we have listed 6 helpful tips that will enable you to design a travel website that drives more sales and ROI.


  • Headlines Should be Visible and clear


Headlines on a travel website play an important role. A bad or invisible headline will decrease the engagement and visitors will shut the website quickly. Make certain that the headlines are captivating and visible and should convey a clear message to your audience. Start by designing a big headline so that your potential clients know what the description is about. Having a relevant and clear headline is important to drive more engagement and conversions. 


  • Add Visual Content


Make sure that your travel website has compelling visual content as images speak louder than words. If you demonstrate your message through videos, GIFs, images and more, it will boost the chances of conversions and profit. You can show your potential clients what a great time a location or a resort will offer them by adding images or videos. A perfect blend of both visual content and description will help you drive more conversions, ROI, revenue, profit and sales.


  • Design Your Travel Website Simple and Hassle-Free


Potential visitors look forward to browsing a simple and hassle-free website that is easy to understand. So make sure that you design a travel website that is easy to navigate and contains relevant content and details. The travel website should include several filter options such as date, location, price, activities and more to make an informed decision. Your travel website should be easy to navigate so that visitors can understand and make the bookings easily.


  • Advanced Search Tool


The fundamental factor one should keep in mind when developing and designing a travel website is a quick search option with helpful filters and predictive results. The advanced search option will help visitors time and they will appreciate it. You can also add a voice search option to make it more convenient for the visitors and stand out in the industry. A voice search feature will help you score points as it will save users time. The search option on a tour and travel website is a key attribute. You can develop your travel website for auto-completion features to make it more compelling.


  • Secure and Multiple Payment Gateway


Another important thing to consider is having secure and multiple payment gateways to make it convenient, secure and hassle-free for visitors. Make sure there are several payment gateways such as debit card, credit card, net banking, PayPal, FastSpring and more to make it suitable for your customers. With the correct payment provider, your clients will be more confident to make the booking and not hesitate.


  • Multilingual Interface


Most of the mediums with a travel website facilitate limited languages and thus do not make it accessible to everyone. Having a multilingual interface will help you have an edge in the industry and visitors from anywhere will be able to connect with you via your travel website. Visitors may find the lack of their mother tongue on a travel website disappointing and might not make the booking. Having a platform where the visitors can change the language according to their requirements will give you an edge and increase the chances of conversions. 

Developing an engaging and unique travel website will help you drive more revenue, traffic and profit. Design a travel website by keeping a few important factors in mind. Picking the best web design company is crucial as they are the experts who are well-versed with the evolving dynamics of the industry. They will help you design a responsive and user-friendly travel website. Contact Tourism Tiger as they assist their clients to design a travel website that drives traffic from all over the globe.