7 Reasons Your child Should Complete their pre primary Schooling in Pune

Pune is the automobile and manufacturing hub of India and also the second major IT hub in India. While the city is rooted in Maharashtrian culture it is also buzzing with technology and everything modern due to the IT influence. This unique city has amazing people, weather, food and sites to see. Immerse yourself completely in the experience of living like a Punekar by living here. 


Here are 7 reasons why you should pack your bags and move to Pune for your child’ pre primary schooling:



The city is well-connected through roadways and other means to the main city and places nearby which makes traveling comfortable and hassle-free. The city is a mix of different cultures and people from all walks of life which makes it an ideal place to grow and connect. Children who start their pre-primary schooling journey in Pune are lucky as they get to kick-start their life in such an accessible city. Healthcare and other regular facilities are also given a lot of importance here.


Excellent Education

As mentioned earlier, Pune is a hotspot for all things IT and education. Pune is home to some of the most famous universities and hence becomes an ideal location for people who want to consider further education. The schools here, from pre-primary onwards, focus on smart learning and current affairs. The schools have wide campuses and state of the art infrastructure in an affordable school fees structure which makes learning fun and interesting for all students.


Cultural Diversities

IT sector, people from all around the country live or work in Pune. This gives citizens of the city ample opportunities to boost their cultural knowledge by being exposed to different diversities, traditions and mannerisms. This learning is also seen in Pune schools as from pre primary onwards, students come from everywhere which leads to the formation of a global unified culture that is led by positive and motivational values.


Historic Locations

Textbook learning can be fun but you know what takes it all up a notch? Being able to witness history right in front of your eyes. Pune is a place that is complete with many historical locations and places with great significance. This makes it the perfect place for a weekend trip and for all school field trips.

Excursions with fun and learning for pre-primary school children in Pune? Definitely on our bucket list!


IT Hub

Tech Mahindra, Infosys, IBM, Wipro, Cyient, Talentica, HCL and TCS are some of the major IT firms and companies that are situated in Pune. For many people who dream to work in these organizations, Pune is the city you need to be. Children who begin their pre primary learning in schools in this city are more likely to avail better opportunities, form their career path and make their way into working and growing at some of the big names mentioned above. Schools in Pune are equipped with the best to help students recognise their potential and build themselves up to be the best version of themselves always.


Cost of Living

Pune is a very affordable place to live in. The transport and living accommodations are not too hard to find and you can find your perfect abode once you have set up a budget that meets all your requirements. Groceries and other daily necessities are also accessible and pocket-friendly. Hence the cost of living in Pune even for pre primary schooling in certain schools can be deemed as affordable and convenient by normal standards. 

School Fees in Pune

Due to all the major educational institutions located in Pune, school education there could be a little expensive. School fees at private schools in Pune in some schools can be high due to the number of facilities and amenities provided at the school. If you’re still interested in helping your child get the best of education, you could read up about school scholarships and grants that could help you give your child the best of everything.



One of the schools that has made a name for itself in Pune is GIIS (Global Indian International School). The school is known for its high standards of education, core values, world class infrastructure, Global Montessori Plus curriculum for pre-primary education and for their global approach to education keeping in mind affordable school fees. To know more about their mission, vision, teaching methods and campus facilities, please visit their website and find everything you need.


Lastly, to summarize, Pune is the ultimate city to be in and to complete one’s pre primary schooling. It’s not too far from the hustle-bustle of Mumbai and yet holds a calm and magic vibe of its own. Visit the city, begin your schooling journey and let us know how you like it!