Buy Tested & Proven Organic Garlic from Reputed Suppliers in Argentina


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    A strong-smelling yet flavourful herb, garlic is a powerful compound that belongs to the allium family. Added in a lot of curries and dishes, it not only makes food delicious but healthy as well. The reason is it is one vegetable loaded with a variety of minerals and vitamins such as vitamin C, vitamin B6, selenium, manganese, etc. However, these benefits are obtained only when you consume fresh and organic garlic. For buying such kind of garlic, you can contact Organic garlic suppliers of Argentina.

    Health Benefits of Eating Garlic

    Some of the main health benefits are mentioned below:

    1. Maintains Blood Pressure: The anti-inflammatory properties of the herb ensure adequate blood flow in the entire body. So, try to include minimum 4 garlic cloves daily in your diet to experience the changes in blood pressure.
    2. Lowers Cholesterol: The flavorful herb even helps in reducing cholesterol level in the body and thereby reduces the risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease.
    3. Saves from Cold & Flu: Regular consumption of garlic in moderate quantity helps in boosting the immune system of the body and even reduces the severity of cold and flu.
    4. Natural Glow on Skin: Due to antibacterial, antioxidant and antifungal properties, garlic is considered as the superfood. If you suffer from any skin issue such as acne, rub one or two garlic clove on the skin for killing bacteria. Due to umpteen benefits, many skin creams available in the marketplace contain garlic extract.

    Thus, make it a point to include garlic daily in your diet and buy organic garlic from suppliers in Argentina at affordable rates.

    It is true that you will find both naturally-grown and organic garlic in the marketplace. Now, the question arises how to differentiate between the two. So, here are the basic differences between the two varieties:

    1. Shelf Life: The shelf life of organic products is smaller than the non-organic products. The reason is former does not any pesticide or chemicals. So, if you are in the supermarket and you will find two varieties of garlic with different expiration date, you can easily spot a difference which one is organic.
    2. Appearance: The overall appearance of a vegetable speaks a lot about its variety. The organic bulb of garlic has a perfect appearance and they are pure white in color with no blemishes and discoloration. But same is not the case with inorganic varieties. Inorganic or naturally grown varieties have their flaws with regard to shape and color. So, if you find any garlic in the market with little hints of discoloration and in imperfect shape, do not make a mistake of considering it organic. The best way to get original variety is make a purchase of organic garlic from suppliers in Argentina. They offer value for money products to their customers.
    3. Smell: The smell test is another wonderful way to know the variety of garlic. However, you can do smell test only if you are aware about the usual and natural smell of the vegetable. The general rule is organic vegetables including garlic smell fresh for a long duration due to no presence of pesticide, chemicals, preservatives and added color.
    4. Size: If you are aware about the general size of garlic, you can easily tell whether a particular variety is organic or loaded with chemicals. The thumb rule is if any vegetable is bigger than its original size, the likelihood increases that it contains chemicals.

    Last but not the least, organic food items contain certification and food labels like “organic” with a code on them. For instance, if you purchase organic garlic from suppliers in Argentina, they deal with certified garlic proven to be organic. Like them, many other suppliers deal with authentic organic vegetables and fruits and supply them to their end customers.

    So, if you want to include healthy food item in your diet, replace standard garlic with organic one. Moreover, make a purchase from reputed organic garlic suppliers available in Argentina to get quality products at affordable rates.