6 Factors Why You Need to go for International School Admission Process in Pune

Parents decide to enroll their children in an international school in Pune because limitless opportunities exist. The children are exposed to numerous cultures and exponential personal growth. This type of school helps the child become independent because of innovative coursework and world-class teaching.


Since you’ve begun searching for the best international school in Pune, you must understand what educational exception this school offers that others don’t. To help you, we have jotted down a few factors that will help you make up your mind and start with an international school admission process in Pune.


1- Excellent academics

The main objective of any parent when it comes to school is that their child should get the best education from a reputed curriculum. This is what an international school curriculum, i.e. International Baccalaureate (BP) Programme, offers.


The IB school provides a nurturing and the best learning experience for students. They achieve this by allowing the children to increase their knowledge by not limiting them. Instead, helping them explore several topics, demonstrating what they have understood, and then acting on what they have learned. The IB curriculum helps the children become: -

  •     Excellent communicators
  •     World-renowned thinkers
  •     Best inquirers
  •     Highly knowledgeable professionals
  •     Professionals adhering to the principles and ethics
  •     Open-minded and well-balanced individuals

Once they have graduated, they easily get admitted into the best colleagues and universities for higher education with ease.


2- Their educational networks are spread over the entire globe

Once you complete the school admission process in Pune and enroll them into the best international school, the students can now connect with local and international students with ease. These opportunities for your children to make the best networks help the students decide which career is best for them since they are exposed to so many different options.


They can explore new cultures with their friends and help them understand how wide the world is and how other cultures impact their lives. They will learn to respect other cultures rather than believing and treating other cultures based on stereotypes. This global phenomenon also helps them get better opportunities to move to other countries.


3- The school admission process in Pune is simple and provides the best-in-class facilities

The best school will have recruits from both local and international communities. The teachers will be far noir experienced and diverse compared to other forms of schools. This diversification promotes a wide range of values and better experiences for the students. Some of the best traits shared by the teachers from the IB school are as follows: -

  •     The teachers are the leading experts, holding advanced degrees and training. These teachers are trained especially to teach in IB schools and their children.
  •     They are trained and are committed to making the world a better place by taking a keen interest in improving the conditions of the local communities.
  •     They work with students, help them explore their hidden talents, and recognize what the students are best at.


4- They have the best history

No school becomes the best of the best without having an extensive history of proving they are the best of the best. This is exactly what the IB schools have been doing for a long time. Its history is filled with stories of excellent teachers and a curriculum that has helped students reach their potential.


The school can adapt, change and overcome what is mostly absent in other schools. Its excellence and sustained longevity separate them from other schools. The students are not restricted to learning only what is there in the books. Rather they are allowed to explore what is best for them and learn from those experiences.


5- International school in Pune partners with local businesses

The reason why international schools are preferred is that they partner with local businesses and organizations. This partnership benefits the students. They get to explore a wide range of real-life scenarios and experiences from a very young age. They learn factors apart from what is taught within the four walls of the school.


This partnership also helps the students make the most from every opportunity they get to the maximum. They learn from doing volunteer work in the local NGOs or working with sports centers to learn more about handling sports. This helps them learn compassion and empathy and are ready to face any challenge and emerge victorious with excellence.


6- Personalised learning

Personalized learning is a balanced approach that gives every student the best opportunities to succeed. There is no denying that personalized learning will help students learn and succeed. It is important for students as it helps them reach their full potential. The way students learn depends on their capacity as a student. With a personalized approach, the students can benefit the most as they are not forced to learn as per the standards set by other quick learning students.


Wrapping up

These were the top six characteristics that make the international school the best of others. Learn more about this from our experts in GIIS Pune.