Guidelines For Good Cannabis Manufacturing - GMP For Medical Cannabis Industry

    James Hope

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    If you’re an international company dealing with anything cannabis, chances are you’ve heard the term GMP or Good Manufacturing Practices. Whether you’re eyeing Australia, Europe, or anywhere in Canada, the GMP certification is a must for all cannabis grown and produced to be considered top-shelf across the globe.

    What are Good Manufacturing Practices Guidelines?

    GMP or Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines are a system of guidelines, which regulate the import and export of cannabis from and to other countries, mainly Europe.  To ensure cannabis offerings and products are consistently produced according to strict regulations and quality standards, good manufacturing guidelines have been set as the benchmark for companies with international ambitions.

    GMP is the proactive part of quality assurance. It is designed to minimize the risks involved in all steps of the manufacturing process. These are the following processes, which are covered under good manufacturing practice guidelines:

    • Product Development
    • Overall Material
    • The Entire Premises
    • Storage
    • Equipment
    • Record Keeping
    • Staff Training
    • Hygiene
    • Compliance

    What Are Some Go-To Good Manufacturing Practice Resources?

    The top cannabis license consulting and compliance services in Canada all cater to your cannabis business by ensuring that you are following a majority of, if not all, good manufacturing practice guidelines.

    Good manufacturing practice resources and guidelines are majorly made for pharmaceutical productions and processes, where the idea is to minimize the risk if not end it permanently. The testing and re-testing processes ensure the risk is eliminated up to an extent where it is not harmful for human use and consumption.

    Some GMP Guidelines To Follow for the Medical Cannabis Industry -

    If you’re newly introduced to the cannabis production and compliance industry, these are some of the GMP guidelines one must follow as a seller or distributor to the medical cannabis industry:

    1. Hygiene - to ensure the production facility is free of any bacteria, decay, dust or any other external agent
    2. Records - to maintain viable records, SOPs, and entries for every equipment, chemical, quantity, and quality of everything used. Operators record and make notes of each step to maintain consistency
    3. Validations - to validate each process, each evaluation, and each theory before eventually conducting the entire operation
    4. Controlled Environment - to prevent cross-contamination of food or drug product from adulterants and external factors
    5. Distribution - to distribute food and drugs evenly to minimize any risk of quality loss
    6. Compliance & Complaints - finally after all the processes are carried, the feedback section must be open to complaints, and compliance issues, and to investigate faults, defects, and lapses

    For other good manufacturing practice resources and guidelines contact an expert consultant or consulting agency today.