5 Summer Drinks to Beat the Heat!

The summer months are here. Temperatures are soaring, and the blazing sun seems to scorch everything in sight. While most of us seek relief in our homes and offices with the air conditioning and coolers turned up, it is important to remember that staying hydrated is possibly the best health tip every doctor offers these days. Forget the sugar-laden fizzy drinks and dip them into our traditional favourites. Summer drinks from the quintessential Indian kitchen help you stay hydrated, cool off, and give you an instant boost of energy. Let’s look at some of these Indian beverages that will help beat the heat.

Lassi - Who can turn down a tall glass of chilled, creamy lassi during the summer months? Whip the yoghurt to a frothy texture and sweeten it with sugar, mango puree, or any fruit extract to get the perfect summer cooler. Top it up with a thick layer of malai (cream) for added taste. Alternatively, add a touch of rose extract to get a wonderful lassi that will instantly refresh you this summer.

Sol Kadhi - Sol Kadhi, made from Agal, the unsweetened extract of the Kokum fruit and coconut milk, is one of western India's most popular summer drinks. This tangy-sour drink made with a single clove of garlic, a green chilli, and cumin powder is perfect for hot summer evenings. Its natural digestive properties make it the right combination of sherbet and medicinal beverage.

Gur Ka Sherbet – Jaggery is the kitchen staple of the season. While you try out a healthy sweet snack like soft jaggery coconut burfi energy bar, it may also be well worth whipping up a gur ka sherbet for you and your family. The best way to make this cooler is to dissolve jaggery and combine it with a dash of lemon juice, mint, cardamom powder, and dry ginger powder. Using kaakvi or liquid jaggery from Aazol Foods lends this drink the perfect flavour.

Aam Panna – Aam panna or kairi panna made from raw mangoes is another favourite summer drink. This is the season for mangoes, and this is just the tangy shot of hydration that will keep the scorching heat at bay. Depending on your choice, it can be made with boiled mangoes or smoked mangoes. Adding jaggery to your aam panna helps digestion and keeps your digestive system cool.

Jal Jeera – Another popular sherbet served in Indian households during the summer months is jal jeera. This summer drink is served as a beverage or as an appetiser. It contains roasted cumin, which is known for its medicinal properties. The addition of cooling ingredients such as tamarind, mint, and fennel makes it tasty and hydrating.