Awareness of ACLS Certification Online and its Pre-course Assessment

    Alina Thomas

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    Awareness of ACLS Certification Online and its Pre-course Assessment


    With the consistent increase in competition in the medical industry, healthcare experts are consistently required to upgrade their skills to serve in the industry. Individuals working in the medical sector particularly have to acquire advanced skills in the cardiology sector. 


    Here comes the role of the ACLS Certification program organized by the American Heart Association. An interesting aspect is that you may acquire the program online so that it does not hamper the regular schedule of candidates working in diverse medical facilities.  


    Overview of the Program 


    ACLS Stock online is a comprehensive and self-directed e-learning course. It uses adaptive learning technology to let candidates gain and demonstrate their skills in Advanced Cardiac Life Support to assist cardiac arrest patients. If you want to acquire the ACLS program, you only have to search for ACLS near me to get a reputed institute in your area. What would be better than following a personalized learning path to adapt everything in real-time according to the performance of a learner. 

    Students have to complete their assessments before they start the program. Doing so will evaluate the candidates' proficiency and identify the requirement for any additional practice. Each student should write Acls Precourse Self Assessment Answers correctly to get a minimum 70 percent score. The percentage is compulsory to undergo the ACLS program. Other than that, applicants should print the scoring report for bringing it to the class. 


    Preliminary Step to Acquire ACLS online 


    PALM DESERT – Main Office

    73700 Dinah Shore Drive, Suite 107,

    Palm Desert, CA 92211

    1-760-832-iCPR (4277)

    [email protected]


    Candidates who want to acquire American Heart Association ACLS should undergo the respective pre-course self-assessment. It refers to an online tool to evaluate the knowledge acquired by any student in three sections, which include-

    Recognition of heart rhythm

    Pharmacology associated with cardiopulmonary resuscitation

    Practical applications 



    Right Candidate to Pursue ACLS 


    Now the question is who can search for ACLS classes near me? In other words, who are the right candidates to apply for ACLS? For this, we should say that ACLS by AHA is for every healthcare professional who requires an advanced training program in cardiac life support to meet their clinical or hospital duties. 


    Composition of ACLS Program 


    AHA ACLS program has a cognitive part to complete online. Moreover, instructors conduct a special assessment of psychomotor skills. For this, the AHA instructors use manikins assisted by the human voice with audio and visual feedback in real-time. Once you complete your online portion and succeed to develop skills, you get a valid ACLS provider online card by AHA. Your card will remain valid for a maximum of 2 years. Hence, if you want to stay updated with your skills, you must renew your certification regularly.


    ACLS Program Content and Duration 


    The duration and content of an ACLS Online program depend on the type, which includes the following-


    Classroom Program 


    In the case of classroom programs, AHA instructors conduct lessons based on videos in the classroom. They also work with students to let them complete their practice and test in advance skills. 


    Initial ACLS Program


    The initial ACLS program requires candidates to dedicate about 15 hours and 20 minutes. The program contains skills tests and skills practice as well. 


    Renewal Course


    Individuals willing to renew their ACLS program after 2 years should spend 8 hours.  


    Note-Duration of the programs is according to 1 AHA instructor to manikins and 6 students.


    Therefore, with awareness of the ACLS program and its pre-course assessment, you will acquire ACLS Certification and renew it regularly.