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    Pizzelles are a classic Italian waffle cookie that many claim is considered to be the "oldest cookie". It can be made to be hard and crisp, or soft and chewy based on your own personal preference. It is also possible to make in various shapes. A popular shape is a cannoli. However, it is also possible to make cones.

    The recipe for pizzelle consists of eggs, flour butter, sugar and flavoring. The flavoring used is usually anise or anisette in the traditional recipe, however there are some who use citrus zest or vanilla. There are also those who enjoy making chocolate pizzelles with regular cocoa powder, in addition to various other components. If you're looking for another option you could use cream to fill the pizzelles. Put the batter in the maker. Once it's done then you can take it out and form it while it's warm. It will become firm as it cools.

    The treats are generally created using a maker or pizzelle maker. You can now make your own pizzelles in no time. You can select one that can be made at home. To make it easier, we conducted a search to find the top 10 pizzelle makers.

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