Fix Psychological Erectile Dysfunction


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    It is known that 3 types of erections are reflexive (associated with some of the physical stimulation), psychogenic (from visual or mental images), and nocturnal (takes place while sleeping). Psychological impotence is a condition that is caused by psychological factors which can be treated with Filagra 25 mg, in which a man might be struggling to attain or sustain a stiffer penile erection for a longer time. Stress, guilt, low body image, depression, relationship issues, sleep disorders, or anxiety—including performance anxiety, could all lead to impotence issues in men.


    Causes of Psychological Erectile Dysfunction



    When the brain and body are all concerned about some of the danger, they cannot necessarily be concerned about lovemaking sessions. Like we might mention earlier, stress hormones are released into the bloodstream when one might be stressed. These stress hormones might all prevent the body from achieving a stiffer penile erection.



    Depression-like conditions can impact all aspects of existence might be about sexual function for example. It might all feel like an anchor that shall eventually weigh one might be down and shall make life that much harder for living it all. Research shows that 75% of people with absolute depression also might have issues in the bedroom.


    Pornography Addiction

    This is all because on a neurochemical level the brain can be “trained” for expecting and need pornography for sexual arousal to take place. Aside from that, watching porn can all lead to developing some sort of unrealistic expectations about the body and sexual abilities. This, in turn, can lead to some performance anxiety and psychological impotence which can be treated with Filagra 25 mg in men.



    In case your guilt is super strong enough, it might interrupt the signals between the brain and body, stopping you from attaining an erection. It is almost as if the unconscious mind punishes you by denying you pleasure in response to the guilt that one might feel. Guilt can also lead to impotence issues in men who might view sex as being shameful for religious or cultural reasons.


    Low Self Esteem

    Low self-esteem and erectile dysfunction-like conditions might all feed off one another. One study of Brazilian men showed that 95% of those with impotence might also have poor self-esteem! While it is no surprise that sexual dysfunction or erectile dysfunction might lead to low self-esteem, did you know that the opposite side is also true?


    Fixing Psychological Erectile Dysfunction

    Trying Therapy

    Therapy or consuming Filagra 25 mg is a powerful way of targeting any sort of feelings of guilt, shame, anxiety, or inadequacy that might be underlying erectile difficulties. Working through some of the psychological issues or relationship issues with a mental health professional can help in eliminating the effects those issues have on sexual performance


    Trust The Partner

    Communication is known to be the key. Although it might be an issue, it is best for people with erectile dysfunction not to hide it from their sexual partner, or to simply avoid discussing it out of embarrassment or shame. Communication is vital for enhancing intimacy between you that can help in enhancing sex life as a whole.


    Guided Imagery

    Guided imagery therapy is all proven very effective in overcoming psychological impotence in men. For example, research has found that 70% of men treated with Filagra 25 mg with complete Guided Imagery and sexual re-education succeeded in overcoming their mental impotence and it was all able to attain penile erection whenever it is needed.