To Treat ED, Eriacta 100mg Is a Safe Choice


Eriacta 100mg tablet is used to treat erectile dysfunction. It contains Sildenafil citrate and continues to function by blocking the PDE-5 enzyme and preventing the chemical cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) from breaking down. An erection occurs when the muscle's cGMP levels rise, allowing more blood to flow to the penile tissue. The penile tissue then relaxes as a result of the increased blood vessels and becomes erect as a result.

How To Use This Medicine to Treat ED?
To get the best results, take one dose of Eriacta 100mg online orally 60 minutes before sexual intercourse.
After the first dose, the medicine will start working and will last for 4-6 hours.
Take one dose within 24 hours.
You should eat low-fat meals while taking this medicine.
It is advised to take a complete pill and not to crush or chew, as it can leave an unpleasant taste in the mouth.

Is Eriacta 100mg Safe?
Yes, it is safe to use during sexual intimacy, the erection becomes firmer. It works by relaxing the blood vessels that supply the penis, increasing blood and oxygen flow to the penile. The benefit of using a tablet is that this highly effective medication has helped so many men treat their ED conditions. Additionally, with the change in the sexual session, an improvement in their mental health too can be experienced.

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