How to Shortlist Montessori School near Me?

The education imparted in Montessori school focuses on helping each child to become a successful leader, innovator and a responsible citizen, who have specific duties towards the community and country. Their approach does not focus on education but focusing on making students learn important lessons of life through a series of classroom and outdoor activities. To make education in Montessori school near me more effective, lessons are imparted to children in small groups and in mixed-age classrooms so that children get the chance to intermingle with younger and older children and respect each other views as well. So, owing to these factors, if you are considering enrolling your children in a Montessori school, you are taking the right decision.

We can understand your dilemma if you have found two Montessori schools near me i.e. one near your office and one near at home. Choosing one school out of the two is a herculean task especially when both claims to offer the high-quality education. No need to fret as we are here to help you in this regard.  Assorted below is a checklist which every parent should consider before enrolling their children. The checklist is as follows:

  1. Teachers’ Training: Legally, it is easy to use the word “Montessori” with your school but that does not mean that every school offers Montessori standard of education. Therefore, you should pay attention to the teachers’ training. Check whether or not they are Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) or American Montessori Society (AMS) certified. These certification courses cover the basics of Montessori philosophy and principles of child development. The training also covers the usage of materials found in Montessori schools. Remember, if teachers are ASI or AMI certified, then only they can take care of your children and instill education in the manner Montessori school near me is intended to impart.
  2. Availability of Daycare: When both parents are working, they look for Montessori schools that with daycare program as well. Many reputed Montessori schools in Texas provide high-quality day care facilities to children. Do check whether the school offers full-day or half-day day care programs and their fees accordingly. Do remember, this is an additional service and is available at an additional cost. If you are considering full-time daycare program, do not forget the check the meal plan.
  3. Bilingual Enrichment Programs: The minds of young children are like a sponge. They are ready to absorb any information, process it and even retain it for a long duration as compared to adults. That’s why it is recommended to enroll your children in those Montessori schools near me which give special attention towards language enrichment programs. In the US, many Montessori schools introduce Spanish as the second language at the most crucial leaning stage of children. Introducing right language at the right time helps in developing conversational skills in children from the young age and makes them bilingual also.   
  4. Student: Teacher Ratio: Assess the student teacher ratio carefully while searching for the best Montessori school near your home or office. Usually, Montessori schools in Sugar Land adhere to 12:1 as an ideal student-teacher ratio. An undeniable fact is a lower teacher-student ratio opens the doors for higher quality education as teachers are able to give personalized attention to students only when lesser students are available in a classroom.However, do remember that lower-student ratio is not the sole factor that can determine the quality of education imparted in Montessori schools. Other factors such as the teaching methodology and the classroom environment are equally important.

A point important to understand is every Montessori schools near me have a limited number of seats in all programs. Therefore, choose the program wisely and register your children today.